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Great communication. The Nuvodia Team has been really helpful. They are so responsive and easy to get in touch with when issues ever arise!

Holly Ingram, Radiology Director - Charleston, West Virginia

Choosing Nuvodia was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. They’re fast, responsive and passionate about what they do. Nuvodia actually exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of service they provide. They’re wonderful to work with.

Candace Walsh, Chief Financial Officer - Othello, Washington

In 2004 we implemented a new Mysis VisionPM solution that required interfaces for orders, scheduling and billing charges. Among the many vendors involved, Nuvodia was unsurpassed, their HL7 integration expertise, flexibility and customer service focus drove the success of our integration effort.

David Holland, Director of Ancillary Services - Seattle, Washington

With Nuvodia, we get the whole package. The technology, the people, the industry knowledge, and the support.

Marc Simmons, Director of Diagnostic Imaging - Moses Lake, Washington

If we wanted to administer PACS internally, and have the ability to provide 24×7 support and the current technical knowledge to manage and maintain not only the software, but also the hardware and network, we would need an IT team of at least four to five people. For a small facility like ours, it is simply not feasible. The PACS support from Nuvodia has been fantastic. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give our experience with Nuvodia a 10.

Heather Myers, Director of Radiology Services - Atlanta, Georgia

Many businesses typically don’t have the number of people or breadth of expertise they need for their internal IT staff. Nuvodia is an excellent option. At Cascade Windows, my former employer, Nuvodia was able to provide scalable, affordable services – from hosted IT services to telephone systems – that we would not have been able to achieve in house. Every step along the way, they were very customer-service oriented and responsive, and they always delivered.

Lawrence Berry, Owner - Spokane, Washington

Nuvodia hosts the network for our electronic health records and practice management systems. They provide the best level of technical support and customer service in Spokane, giving our organization access to the expertise and infrastructure we could not afford to bring in house.

Melanie Sims, CEO - Spokane, Washington

Nathan was able to provide me the exact information I needed to relay to the modality vendor very quickly. He also went above and beyond when I did not receive good technical support from that vendor to try to help solve the issue himself. Great customer service!

Celia Hudson, Radiology Director - Manistique, Michigan

Nuvodia is always amazing. What an amazing company and your teamwork is on point! Thank you all very much.

Alexis Frazier, PACS Administrator - San Antonio, Texas

I cannot say thanks enough to the Nuvodia support team for all of the your help you have given. You guys have all been fantastic and very nice to work with. It’s been a complicated mess and your team has been great. Thank you for being patient!

Olive Stone, IT Director - Winfield, Kansas

Why Leverage Nuvodia’s IT Support Expertise?

Healthcare Informatics

At Nuvodia, we are experts in Healthcare Informatics. Radiology software solutions, Radiology Consulting Services, Cardiology and Healthcare Security Services. These experts help you improve patient care, streamline your operation, and maximize productivity.

Managed Services

With managed services, Nuvodia takes care of it all: IT Support Services, Managed Security Services and Infrastructure Management. These services will keep your important applications and business-critical data safe, secure and running.

IT Consulting

Nuvodia will work with you and evaluate your needs and execute your technology initiatives. We provide: Assessments, Infrastructure Engineering and Design, Application Management and Development, Project Management, IT Staffing Services and Strategic Planning.

Security Services

Our expert team provides cost-effective cybersecurity solutions. This is achieved through our cost effective blend of technology and services. Let’s talk about a comprehensive solution for your organization that includes: Managed Security Services, Email Security, Risk Assessments, Web Security and more.

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IT Experts

Nuvodia is a technology services organization that creates, manages, secures and supports mission-critical technology environments. We provide IT Solutions to organizations across the U.S. in healthcare, business, utilities, education and many other sectors. At Nuvodia, you’ll find strategists, problem solvers and visionaries; developers and programmers; technologists and technicians; engineers and designers; project managers, planners and leaders. Together, we form an all-star team of IT specialists who have the knowledge, experience and passion to help bring your vision to life, through the power of technology.

Our decades of information technology experience across industries have given us a unique perspective and unrivaled breadth of expertise. Yes, we know technology. But more importantly, we understand how to use it in creative, results-oriented ways to help organization be more responsive, efficient, productive and profitable.

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