10 Most Beneficial IT Services For Your Business


10 Most Beneficial IT Services For Your Business

10 Most Beneficial IT Services For Your Business

10 Most Beneficial IT Services For Your Business

10 Most Beneficial IT Services For Your Business

February 20, 2020

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Information Technology or IT Services is the application of technical and business expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes. IT Services such as IT Support Services and IT Consulting Services apply to businesses of all sizes. Other IT services such as Cloud Backup Services and Data Backup and Restoration apply to government and enterprise businesses. Here are the 10 most beneficial IT services for your business.

  1. Managed IT Services

    Managed IT Services are usually a part of an Managed Service Provider (MSP) service catalog, which deals with single or multiple IT service needs. Common managed IT services handle remote server, desktop, and device management. Other uses involve remote cybersecurity. Use Managed IT services to actively and securely manage your IT infrastructure without you having to worry.

  2. IT Support Services

    When systems fail, computers go down and all of your work is compromised; production and connectivity can go downhill fast. IT Support Services help get your business back up and moving forward on schedule. Uptime is a key selection criterion for IT Support Services.

  3. Managed Security Services

    Information security is key to your business’ success, and Managed Security Services make information security both accessible and affordable. Security methods range from network monitoring and firewalls to anti-virus protection and layered networks. Managed Security Services draw from larger resources and more experienced staff, thus making your security management easy.

  4. IT Consulting Services

    IT Consulting often refers to IT Staffing Services, leveraging top IT talent to help meet your IT resource needs. For example, your business might need a project manager to execute the delivery of a project or an engineer to work onsite, supporting your long-term IT goals.

  5. Cloud Backup Services

    Cloud Backup Services allow your business to store its important information on external cloud servers, circumventing hardware failure or other problems. Cloud backup is typically handled by service providers for monthly/annual fees, turning a large capital expense into a smaller operating expense.

  6. Data Backup and Restoration

    Data backup involves preserving your information offsite in case of unforeseen problems, such as natural disaster, malicious intrusions, hardware failure, and more. Some form of data backup and restoration is mandatory in order to mitigate business risks, such as downtime and critical information loss.

  7. Firewall Services

    Firewalls are a necessary, integral part of your cybersecurity plan. Enterprise businesses often have the technical resources to manage their own network firewalls. Small and medium sized businesses rely on Nuvodia to deploy firewall services and manage their firewalls on the businesses’ behalf.

  8. Office 365/Email

    Office 365 operates as Microsoft’s all-inclusive software package featuring desktop applications such as Word and Excel. This is an excellent option when your business needs diverse software for document organization reasons and prefers to pay a monthly fee. Office 365 also operates as a cloud server and updated email management platform.

  9. Remote IT Support

    Remote IT support allows IT specialists to control, investigate, repair or upgrade your computer network device(s) via the internet. This is generally handled by an MSP and is extremely useful when IT experts are not physically available.

  10. Software as a Service (SaaS)

    With a Software as a Service offering, you do not have to think about how the service is maintained or how the underlying infrastructure is managed. You only need to think about how you will use that particular software. Most MSPs will grant you access to hosted applications and allow you to store data on their private, secure cloud-computing platform.

Where To Start With IT Services

By now, you realize that one or more of these 10 IT Services could benefit your business. That is where an initial consultation with Nuvodia will help you to get started. Nuvodia specializes in IT Services for businesses of all sizes: Enterprise, Medium and Small. We leverage great technology, proprietary processes and exceptional people to deliver you the right IT solutions and support:

  • 24x7x365 Access to team of professionals ready to achieve your business objectives.
  • 99% Customer Satisfaction Rating.
  • Cost effective support options that are customized for you.
  • 24×7 monitoring of your critical system infrastructure.
  • Decades of experience providing exceptional Enterprise & Small Business IT Support and Healthcare IT Support.

Discover the value of Nuvodia IT Services for your business. Call us today at 1-855-568-8634 to schedule a free consultation or an IT Assessment.


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