Best Radiology Voice Recognition Software

Choosing the Best Voice Recognition Software for Your Radiology Team Just Got Easier

Radiology reporting is an essential task for radiologists, but choosing the right one and the time to manage that voice recognition software can be daunting. Choosing the best voice recognition software will cut time and costs for your radiology team because you can increase accuracy in your reports without sacrificing time. Radiologists can be as detailed as needed, edit for accuracy as they dictate, and even view images in an integrated workflow.

Nuvodia’s voice recognition software allows you to dictate, review, sign and distribute accurate reports fast. This software also leaves room for quality assurance. Medical professionals can do most of the reporting and editing themselves with or without transcriptionists depending on your desired workflow.

Nuvodia has a voice recognition software proven not only to benefit physicians, but also make the patient experience more satisfactory, especially when it comes to turn around time and delivering critical test results.

Adapting Technology for Compliance

Voice recognition software can adapt for compliance of meaningful use. Nuvodia conducted a case study with Doctors imaging to prove our software to be beneficial. After suffering through Hurricane Katrina, the Imaging company needed to find a way to keep up with the ever changing digital culture. They needed access to patient records 24/7 and were at a loss with the system they had in place.

With Voice Recognition, the imaging company was able to improve their turnaround times for a more productive day. Nuvodia’s voice recognition system also has a user-friendly interface making the system easy to view. It is also easy to access images, orders, and other data all while using it’s voice services.

Voice recognition software that integrates with PACs and RIS

Another benefit to voice recognition software is that Nuvodia integrates with PACs and RIS. We can implement and scale the system to work with what your company already has. We ensure that you and your team will get extensive training to hit the ground running in your workflow and have access to our team for questions, building of templates, or to help troubleshoot issues with the software or integrations.

Voice recognition software also implements a workflow accelerator that provides radiologists with a unified worklist. With the addition of RIS and PACs integration, voice recognition software becomes a product that enhances your radiology team’s experience with user-data. It allows for the team to have all of their information under one system.

Improve Efficiency and Turnaround

The best asset to voice recognition software is it’s speed and accuracy to keep up with the rest of the workday and consistently make patients and referring physicians happier. Many people can talk much faster than they type, so using voice recognition to dictate reports speeds up the process. In fact, in our case study, Doctors Imaging founder, Dr. Edward Soll says that their turnaround time has come down to an average of just two hours.

With software as sophisticated as voice recognition, medical professionals can self-edit, use auto-punctuation, format correctly, and use electronic signatures. This cuts out the extra work a radiology technician normally would have to do. Now, all they have to do is make sure the dictation was accurately recognized, review their reporting, and sign off. It really is that easy.

By choosing Nuvodia for your voice recognition software, we ensure your radiology team gets access to our expertise and resources that we have to offer. We will make sure that your team gets the utmost training as far as understanding how to correctly work the voice recognition system. Nuvodia’s professionals train clients in keeping the software integrated seamlessly with the RIS and PACS you already have or we can provide a full solution with RIS, PACS, and our voice recognition system.

Our response time is quick, just like our software, so we can problem solve all of the things you need in a timely manner. We truly care about our clients and we want them to receive the best service they can possibly get.

If your radiology team is interested in more productive days, give us a call or get a FREE quote to learn more about our voice recognition software today. With years of IT consulting experience, choose Nuvodia!

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