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Cardiology PACS Systems

Nuvodia’s cardiology PACS, built on the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular (ISCV) platform, provides advanced clinical quantification and reporting tools to enhance your cardiology workflow.

  • Unleash faster turnaround and optimized billing capabilities
  • Upgrade image review on high-speed workstations
  • Connect to one central location for your cardiology data

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What is PACS in Cardiology?

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are comprehensive computer systems that permit electronic storage and distribution of medical images. PACS integrates with display devices, cardiology information systems, hospital databases, and more. Cardiology PACS provides patient-centric access to images, advanced clinical quantification, and powerful reporting tools to enhance your unit’s cardiology workflow and improve the continuum of care for patients. 

Cardiology departments need a workflow that connects the various tools they use. A cardiovascular information system (CVIS) is a cardiac reporting system that allows practitioners to link patients’ electronic medical records (EMR) with other solutions, including cardiac imaging, echo reporting, cath labs, cardiac patient data, waveforms, imaging, and diagnostic testing reporting (ECG). 

Cardiology departments often struggle with siloed systems and may connect disparate systems to better communicate with other departments and provide faster access to patient data and images. 

Since cardiology studies are very dynamic in motion and often include audible data, file sizes tend to be massive. By storing information and cardiology data in PACS, these departments can benefit from setting up shared or centralized systems rather than siloed systems and different systems to manage data. 

As healthcare providers face increased pressures to reduce costs, better data access, and enhance services for patients, cardiology PACS seems to be the shift needed to upgrade.

A PACS system for cardiology imaging and diagnosis provides efficient communication between departments and hospitals. Achieving this type of efficiency by storing all cardiac images in one place, with a network server accessible to anyone who needs them. PACS solutions offer advanced tools that help reduce diagnostic errors and improve patient care altogether. 


Nuvodia’s Cardiology PACS Solutions

Our cardiology solutions leverage the PACS infrastructure and expertise in Philip’s suite of healthcare informatics and applications. Our unique service delivery and support model offers providers scalable, flexible, and integrated software solutions to speed diagnosis and treatments for cardiology patients.

Move to the Cloud

Nuvodia’s Cardiology PACS solutions leverage the power of communication networks. Our PACS solutions move medical data between the system’s components through network connectivity, including cloud-based systems. Communication networks provide a streamlined path to communicate between modalities, servers, computers, and other services.

PACS Integration

Integrating solutions into a seamless workflow is the key to creating efficient systems. Nuvodia’s Cardiology PACS solution provides seamless interfacing with hospital IT systems and electronic health records (EHR).


PACS Features & Benefits

Cardiology PACS has revolutionized the game for healthcare organizations. Proven by over 200 institutions, Nuvodia’s PACS solutions deliver user-friendly technology without the complexity of managing an on-premise solution. Four main components power Nuvodia’s PACS solutions:

  • Image acquisition devices, including all the devices of imaging modalities and gateway computers used in your cardiology practice.

  • Integrated communication networks include cardiology modalities, computers, servers, displays, imaging, cardiology systems, and remote medical locations.

  • Cloud-based PACS archives and servers access storage media and archive systems to store patient information and data safely.

  • Integrated display workstations, including the display workstations that allow cardiologists to make primary diagnoses.

Key Benefits

PCAS systems let cardiologists arrive at meaningful insights and diagnoses faster than ever. By having access to powerful analytics, historical data and imaging, and efficient workflows, PACS can significantly improve the practitioner-patient experience and elevate cardiology diagnosis.

  • Improve workflow efficiency. With technology you can trust, Nuvodia’s PACS provides your team with the tools to create efficient workflows.
  • Simplify patient tracking. With flexible workflow configurations, these solutions put your team back in control to simplify monitoring. 
  • Smart cardiology. Easily integrate different systems, workflows, and cardiology systems to upgrade your practice. 
  • Minimize IT footprint. Leverage the flexibility and convenience of cloud-based systems without the burden of keeping up with an IT team in-house. 
  • Automate documentation. Streamline documentation sharing between different cardiology data, referring doctors, patients, and staff.


How PACS Can Help Your Cardiology Team

Our cardiology solutions at Nuvodia leverage the PACS infrastructure and deep expertise in Philips’s suite of healthcare informatics applications. With our unique service delivery and support model, Nuvodia offers providers the flexible and scalable, integrated IT solutions needed to speed diagnosis and treatment for you and your patients. There are many reasons to consider implementing Nuvodia’s Cardiology PACS:

  • Establish only one central location for your cardiology data
  • Review images on high-speed workstations or view non-diagnostic quality images anywhere
  • Review enhanced images simultaneously
  • Achieve a faster turnaround time and optimized billing capabilities to increase revenue and efficiency
  • Obtain seamless interfacing capabilities with hospital IT systems and EHR (Electronic Health Records)
  • Deploy an innovative PACS infrastructure and service delivery model to optimize workflows
  • Increase clinical awareness via alerts to inconsistent findings, automated data correlation, and assimilation
  • Establish future adaptability protocols with automatic hardware and software upgrades
  • Access IT support and assistance 24/7 and 365 days of the year

How PACS Can Benefit Your Cardiology Patients

PACS has entirely changed healthcare services. Cardiology patients, in particular, can reap the benefits of these cloud-based solutions. Here are some of the most prominent ways cardiology patients will benefit from PACS:

  • Improved timelines of care and treatment

  • Fewer patient safety incidents and diagnosis errors

  • Faster interpretation of results by specialists

  • Better access to image records saves time and effort


Let Nuvodia Be Your Cardiology PACS Solutions Provider

Nuvodia has provided cardiology PACS services for over 20 years. We’ve earned the trust of over 200 healthcare organizations. Imaging technology is rapidly advancing, and partnering with Nuvodia ensures your practice will always be ahead of time. 

Backed by Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular platform, our proven integrations with top-notch cardiology systems will help you stay ahead of innovation. Let Nuvodia handle the complexities of accessing the latest technology in cardiology solutions to elevate your workflow and practice. 

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We’ll create a tailored solution for your needs. Our team will dive into detailed solutions to design a system that works for you, including security considerations, data migration, and workflow objectives.

Schedule Solution Implementation

Nuvodia’s experts will work alongside your team to implement our solutions. Our team designs a 30-90 days implementation schedule that includes all the steps to guarantee the effective and optimized implementation of our cardiology PACS systems.

Enjoy 24/7 Continued Support

When your system is live, your team will have 24/7 access to our expert team if needed. From our Operations Centers, our IT specialists are always on-call to attend to your questions and the ever-changing needs of your cardiology team.


Reviews & Testimonials

Great communication. The Nuvodia Team has been really helpful. They are so responsive and easy to get in touch with when issues ever arise!

Holly Ingram, Radiology Director - Charleston, West Virginia

Choosing Nuvodia was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. They’re fast, responsive and passionate about what they do. Nuvodia actually exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of service they provide. They’re wonderful to work with.

Candace Walsh, Chief Financial Officer - Othello, Washington

In 2004 we implemented a new Mysis VisionPM solution that required interfaces for orders, scheduling and billing charges. Among the many vendors involved, Nuvodia was unsurpassed, their HL7 integration expertise, flexibility and customer service focus drove the success of our integration effort.

David Holland, Director of Ancillary Services - Seattle, Washington

With Nuvodia, we get the whole package. The technology, the people, the industry knowledge, and the support.

Marc Simmons, Director of Diagnostic Imaging - Moses Lake, Washington

If we wanted to administer PACS internally, and have the ability to provide 24×7 support and the current technical knowledge to manage and maintain not only the software, but also the hardware and network, we would need an IT team of at least four to five people. For a small facility like ours, it is simply not feasible. The PACS support from Nuvodia has been fantastic. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give our experience with Nuvodia a 10.

Heather Myers, Director of Radiology Services - Atlanta, Georgia

Many businesses typically don’t have the number of people or breadth of expertise they need for their internal IT staff. Nuvodia is an excellent option. At Cascade Windows, my former employer, Nuvodia was able to provide scalable, affordable services – from hosted IT services to telephone systems – that we would not have been able to achieve in house. Every step along the way, they were very customer-service oriented and responsive, and they always delivered.

Lawrence Berry, Owner - Spokane, Washington

Nuvodia hosts the network for our electronic health records and practice management systems. They provide the best level of technical support and customer service in Spokane, giving our organization access to the expertise and infrastructure we could not afford to bring in house.

Melanie Sims, CEO - Spokane, Washington

Nathan was able to provide me the exact information I needed to relay to the modality vendor very quickly. He also went above and beyond when I did not receive good technical support from that vendor to try to help solve the issue himself. Great customer service!

Celia Hudson, Radiology Director - Manistique, Michigan

Nuvodia is always amazing. What an amazing company and your teamwork is on point! Thank you all very much.

Alexis Frazier, PACS Administrator - San Antonio, Texas

I cannot say thanks enough to the Nuvodia support team for all of the your help you have given. You guys have all been fantastic and very nice to work with. It’s been a complicated mess and your team has been great. Thank you for being patient!

Olive Stone, IT Director - Winfield, Kansas


How Does It Work?

What's included in a Radiology Information System (RIS)?

Our RIS Service provides best-in-class workflow management and robust features, including:

  • Instant, Web-Based Access
  • Streamlined Clinical, Diagnostic & Administrative Workflow
  • Seamless & Secure Management of Patient Data — Including Storage, Tracking & Sharing
  • Easy Deployment, Implementation, Training, Scalability & Usability

How much does it cost?

Our costs are based on your business and number imaging studies you process per year, so we only charge for what you are asking us to take care of. Our team would be happy to get you a specific quote to show costs for your business.

Do I sign a long-term contract?

Our agreements range from 1 to 5 years depending on the needs of your business.  However, our goal is to become a long term partner with our customers, not just another vendor. Our team wants to help you bring your vision to life through technology!

What's the process to get a quote?

Just fill out the form on our site, chat with one of our team members or give us a call. We will ask you a couple questions about your business needs and goals to generate a custom quote and agreement. We look forward to working together!


Cardiology PACS

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