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Accountability Services, PLLC

AN ACCOUNTING FIRM GROWING TO MEET ITS CLIENTS’ NEEDS: Building Flexibility, Scalability, and Security

Accountability Services, PLLC is a CPA firm with offices in Seattle, Washington and Orlando, Florida. The firm provides a number of critical services geared to the needs of family and privately-owned businesses. They take pride in developing close relationships with their clients. They take the time to know them and their business needs both personally and professionally.

The company provides a comprehensive range of accounting and financial services including tax planning and consulting, representation in tax audits, and basic business services.  Those basic business services include bookkeeping, invoicing, payables, journal entries, account reconciliations, preparation of excise tax returns, and local agency filings. These services may include accounting, analysis, budgeting, forecasting, cash management, and special projects as needed.

Accountability Services, PLLC Challenges

Security, Confidentiality, and Trust

“Years ago, we had sole provider who basically just took care of our server,” says Elizabeth Mance, the firm’s founding partner. “Eventually we outgrew that solution and needed to find a partner who could provide more comprehensive and consistent support.”

After learning about Nuvodia through a series of networking events, Mance decided to engage the firm as the new IT partner for Accountability Services.

“Their strong focus in the health care and accounting fields was very important in our decision to choose Nuvodia as a partner,” said Mance. “Security and confidentiality are critical in our business. As you can imagine, our clients provide us with very sensitive information and a lot of it.”

24x7x365 IT Support Service

“We work around the clock. Some of our accountants don’t work 8 to 5; some of us work very odd hours,” said Mance. “Having that 24/7 hotline — knowing that whatever time of day or night we call, we’re going to get a human being who is right here in this time zone — is excellent.”

Less Downtime

For accounting firms, access to software, data, and other IT services is critical to getting work done. Downtime means a loss of productivity.

“With Nuvodia,” said Mance, “we are seldom down. Our systems are stable and reliable. If there is a problem, an expert who can solve it is just a phone call away.”

Nuvodia and Accountability Services, PLLC Solution

“I feel our partnership with Nuvodia has been very productive and successful,” Mance said.

Asked what she enjoys most about the relationship with Nuvodia, Mance cited the following factors:

  • Understanding our unique needs — “Nuvodia’s depth of experience with IT solutions and support for accounting firms makes them a great fit for us.”
  • 24/7 service and support — “We have nearly instant access to people who can solve an issue or fix a problem no matter when or where it occurs.”
  • Security and confidentiality — “Nuvodia understands that our clients’ personal and financial information must be as safe and secure as possible.”

The Result – A Trustworthy Relationship

Nuvodia’s relationship with Accountability Services continues to grow and evolve.

“It really is great to have the peace of mind and security of knowing that our systems are being watched over and maintained by a partner we can trust, Mance said. Knowing that Nuvodia is just a phone call away eliminates a lot of worries.”


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