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IT Consultants Assisting Numerica Credit Union with IT Infrastructure

Numerica Credit Union

Building IT Infrastructure to Support the Future


For more than 75 years Numerica Credit Union has helped protect and advance their members’ financial health by offering better rates, lower fees, no-stress services, and outstanding support. “Numerica’s mission is to enhance lives, fulfill dreams, and support communities,” says CIO Kelley Ferguson.

Through the support of more than 115,000 members from Spokane, Northern Idaho, the Tri-Cities and Wenatchee Valley, Numerica Credit Union has built a strong foundation. According to Ferguson, this strong foundation “inspires Numerica to give back to our communities through volunteerism, donations and fund raising that focuses on education, supporting women and children, and ending hunger and homelessness by supporting causes that lend a helping hand and celebrate leaders in our communities.”

Numerica Credit Union’s Challenges

Scalability and Growth

Technology has had a huge impact on the ways in which people interact with their financial services providers. From online banking to mobile payments, enhanced credit and debit cards, ACH and more. Rapidly evolving technology coupled with a history of dynamic growth led Numerica to the conclusion that they needed to seek out an IT partner with the expertise, experience and bandwidth to grow with them moving forward. “As we grow,” said Ferguson, “part of the challenge for us is to make sure that we have infrastructure that is scalable. What we were looking for when partnering with Nuvodia, goes beyond just the ability to successfully complete a particular project. We were looking for a partner who could help us grow.”

More than a vendor — Nuvodia is an IT partner

“Nuvodia has really been a great partner,” Ferguson says. “They provide us with great insights and knowledge based on what they’ve done for other clients over the years. They’ve been able to help us understand what our needs are, both currently and in the future, and then bring us a broad range of strategies and solutions that cover everything from scalability to data management, security and much, much more.”

A local partner that’s both high tech and high touch

“For us it’s about having that local partner. It’s picking up the phone and knowing that we’re not going to get a robot. We can talk with the experts we need to answer questions, solve problems or generate solutions.”

Nuvodia and Numerica Credit Union’s Solution

“We’ve worked with Nuvodia on a wide variety of projects that have allowed us to become more productive and efficient by adding new capabilities from a technological standpoint,” says Ferguson. “It’s been a great partnership and it’s allowed us to advance the technologies to our members so that they can enjoy the added convenience, speed and security that technology provides while using the financial services we create for them.”

Asked what he enjoyed most about the relationship with Nuvodia, Ferguson cited the following factors:

  • Cultures that mesh — “It’s important to us that we pick partners that match our culture and have that sense of care and pride in the work they do.”
  • Caring customer focus — “Whether it’s the vendor / client relationship or understanding the ways in which technology can improve the experience of our members, Nuvodia just gets it.”
  • Local customer service and support — “We know that when we call with an issue or a problem, that it’s going to be addressed with care and solved in the most efficient way possible.”

The Result – A Growing Partnership

Numerica remains poised for growth and has expanded its geographic footprint over the years. They have also expanded their ability to serve its members with secure and scalable systems that will continue to grow, evolve and provide value for years to come.

“We’ve had a great experience. For any organization looking to choose a new technology partner, Nuvodia would be a great fit.”



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