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Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC (DZA)

It’s not all black and white


Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC (DZA) is a certified public accounting firm located in Spokane Valley, Washington. Founded in 2003, the firm serves healthcare and not-for-profit organizations in ten states throughout the Western US. DZA brings a sharp focus and a high level of expertise to serve these organizations with a deep understanding of the challenges and requirements they face. The team at DZA consists of highly trained and experienced individuals who know and understand the healthcare and not-for-profit sectors.

Dingus, Zarecor & Associates PLLC Challenges

Trustworthy Partner

The firm had been operating for several years with company owned servers located in a “pseudo cloud” environment that employees could remote into from wherever they were working. But, as the company continued to grow, more than doubling in size over the past four years, the performance of the network was getting slower and less reliable.

According to partner Shaun Johnson, “We knew it was time to make a change, so we reached out not only to the vendor who was handling our IT then, but also to a contact at Nuvodia who we’d met a year or two before. We asked both companies to present us with a detailed proposal that would not only meet our current needs, but would also be scalable as we continue to grow. The basic solutions each company presented were fairly similar, but in the end, it came down to trust. I knew Randy Kembel, Nuvodia’s President from when we both worked together at a large CPA firm, he was a star at that organization when he was there, so we had a good feel for what we could expect from Nuvodia. We felt that we could count on Nuvodia to come through for us, and they have.”

24x7x365 IT Support Service

“Probably the biggest benefit for us is the availability of the 24 hour help desk. Before we had Nuvodia, we had a help desk, but it wasn’t 24/7, it was mostly 8 to 5 and closed on weekends. So I ended up being the help desk which wasn’t a role that I really wanted to take on. Being a CPA firm, we don’t just work 8 to 5. We have people working all kinds of crazy hours and because we travel to our clients throughout the Western US, an IT problem can happen at any hour from any place one of us may be working at the time.”

Transparency, Honesty and Action

“Our business is all about detail and complexity, so nobody is surprised when a technology issue occurs,” said Johnson.

“The beauty of working with Nuvodia is that they understand us. They know our business and what we need to be able to serve our clients. They communicate clearly and realistically when working on an problem or a fix. Things may not get done instantly, but they always get done.”

Nuvodia and Dingus Zarecor & Associates PLLC Solution

“Nuvodia came to us with a very detailed and well thought out proposal. It involved months of planning. We were impressed that they were willing to spend time with us learning to understand how we use IT rather than just telling us how we should use IT,” said Johnson. “That combination of thoughtfulness, understanding and commitment to customer service has made our relationship very successful.”

Asked what he enjoyed most about the relationship with Nuvodia, Johnson cited the following factors:

  • Their focus on customer service — “The 24/7 help desk and willingness to jump in and solve problems has been invaluable.”
  • Clear transparent communication — “When things are going to take more time than we’d hoped, they keep us informed.”
  • Did we mention the 24/7 help desk — “I’ve even called in on a Sunday. Someone always answers and they always know how to fix my problem.”

The Result – A Long, Valued Relationship

Nuvodia and DZA are in it for the long haul, with systems and services ready to evolve and scale for future growth.

“Even though it’s impossible for large scale IT projects to go perfectly, I honestly feel that Nuvodia got ours about as perfect as it could possibly be.”



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