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Audienz Standup Team Meeting, Blue Tone

IT Support Services Empower Audienz's Rapid Expansion

Audienz offers Business to Business (B2B) consulting for the world’s largest technology companies. Based out of Seattle, Washington, its diverse team uses deep-rooted expertise and creativity to drive strategy, marketing, and sales success for its clients.

Audienz’s Challenges

In recent years, Audienz has nearly tripled in size, quickly growing from 20 to nearly 60 full-time employees. One of the major challenges with this rapid expansion was how to service its information technology (IT) and technology needs. Audienz has a flexible, semi-remote work environment. Its systems are primarily laptops, Office 365, and other cloud-based systems, such as Box for storage and Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) for payroll. Due to employees’ geographical dispersion and the increase in quick-turn projects, Audienz needed a partner with the experience and expertise to help manage its growing technology and IT infrastructure, without the cost and commitment of hiring full-time IT employees.

Nuvodia and Audienz’s Solution

Nuvodia provided Audienz with immediate access to its team of certified IT professionals, with proven track records in managed services, cloud backups, and project management. From day one, Nuvodia stepped in and did a full configuration audit to evaluate Audienz’s systems and technologies, to determine how to best support the company’s strategic growth.

As our speed of growth accelerates, it’s imperative that our ability to scale—and stay connected and productive—not be disrupted. The Nuvodia team has become a highly-reliable and strategic resource for Audienz, from our designated onsite support engineer who knows our team and requirements, to the technical v-team that has helped us evolve our IT management and implement new levels of security and redundancy to meet the stringent data security and privacy requirements of our industry.

Mandy Maxwell (Audienz, Partner)

As go-to engineering support, Nuvodia streamlined the process of purchasing and provisioning laptops, thus managing IT infrastructure ranging from standardizing images and setting up anti-virus software and updates to tracking serial numbers, operating systems, and more. Additionally, Nuvodia provided all of Audienz’s security, monitoring, and backups, enabling the consultancy to meet the highly stringent security and data requirements of its clients. As a 24x7x365 virtual and onsite help desk, Nuvodia provided critical IT support to Audienz’s employees, regardless of the time of day, helping to increase uptime and productivity.

The Result – Continuous Growth

Audienz seamlessly outsourced a critical business function, ultimately freeing up their own resources to focus on driving client success and empowering business growth. For Audienz’s remote team in a flexible work environment, Nuvodia’s 24x7x365 IT Support Help Desk has become essential to its business. By mitigating disruptions and decreasing downtime, Nuvodia ensures that Audienz employees can do their best work and remain highly productive—both inside and outside of regular business hours.

The team at Audienz is fantastic and having success because of the strength of their people and approach to doing business. Leveraging technology for competitive advantage has been a core tenant of that approach from the beginning. We’re grateful to have been able to help execute their vision and play a small part in their success.

Chris Patrick (Nuvodia, CEO)

Audienz is poised for continued and expansive growth. Thanks to Nuvodia’s flexible IT staffing model and clear communications, Audienz can continue to scale its technology infrastructure with confidence and without bound.

By Josh Andrade (Nuvodia, Marketing Specialist)