ECG Management

With ECG Management from Nuvodia, you benefit from:

  • Customized flow of ECG reports
  • The ability to manage up to a million ECGs every year
  • Support for multi-vendor cardiographs
  • Future adaptability as your organization grows
  • Interoperability with PACS, EHR and other IT systems

The ECG is one of the world’s most widely prescribed diagnostic cardiology tests.

Epiphany’s ECG management solution, available from Nuvodia, is a comprehensive and flexible cardiology workflow management tool that allows you to access ECG’s from almost any web enabled device including laptops, tablets or smartphones. The ability to seamlessly access critical cardiac patient information will increase your confidence in diagnosis and care.

Epiphany ECG gives you the tools to enhance workflow management.  You can choose to automatically manage the flow of your patient’s ECG records by establishing rules for review, editing, acquisition, storage and reporting.

Our solution also allows you to customize viewing and editing preferences and view ECG’s in sequential order for easy comparison.