Healthcare Imaging Managers

Healthcare Imaging Managers

At Nuvodia, we are experts in Healthcare Informatics such as Radiology Informatics, Radiology Consulting Services, Cardiology and Healthcare Security Services. Our experts help you to streamline your operation and maximize productivity. For example, learn:

Radiology Informatics

Nuvodia PACS, in partnership with Philips Healthcare, provides a fully-managed, cloud-based IntelliSpace PACS solution customized to meet your ever-changing needs. Learn More
RIS Services
Nuvodia’s Radiology Information System (RIS) can streamline your operation and maximize productivity for both physicians and radiologists. This fully integrated, feature-rich system can send images and reports, helping to improve patient care. Learn More
Voice Recognition
Powered by real-time, intuitive and interactive speech-recognition software, Nuvodia’s Voice Recognition services allows radiologists to dictate, review, sign and distribute accurate reports in just minutes. Learn More
Workflow Analysis
At Nuvodia, we are experts in operations and workflow automation. To succeed long term, businesses need to evolve by keeping up with the latest trends and changes to remain successful in a competitive marketplace. Learn More
Nuvodia Share
Nuvodia Share provides a fully-managed, cloud-based Medical Image Management platform built to connect healthcare providers to the radiology data they need.  Partner with Nuvodia to optimize your image exchange network; eliminating CD’s, VPN tunnels and costly delays. Learn More

Radiology Consulting Services

IT Integration Services
Find out how Nuvodia can help you simplify your operations and enhance your IT operating model. We are here to help you integrate, exchange, share and retrieve crucial data between systems. Learn More
Project Management
With Nuvodia’s project management services, your IT project will get the attention it needs to stay on track. Our project managers organize your resources, manage timelines and make sure spending stays on (or under) budget. Learn More
Strategic Planning
Knowing where you want to go is essential for your business's success. Nuvodia will work with you to put together a strategic plan that includes measurable goals, with metrics to track progress. Learn More
Workflow Assessments
Nuvodia brings up to date knowledge of technology and will provide you with an actionable plan that includes a list of specific technologies and recommendations that will optimize savings and enhance your system’s speed, security and performance. Learn More


Cardiology PACS
Our cardiology solutions at Nuvodia leverage the PACS infrastructure and deep expertise in Philips’s suite of healthcare informatics applications. Nuvodia offers providers the flexible and scalable, integrated IT solutions needed to speed diagnosis and treatment for you and your patients. Learn More

Healthcare Security Services

Custom Security Services
At Nuvodia, we understand that the security need of every organization is unique, and require a custom-tailored solution to ensure maximum coverage. Learn More
Device Security
With Nuvodia, a layer of protection keeps your mobile devices including laptops, phones and tablets, safe and your organization compliant. Learn More
Email Security
Some of the most destructive malware and virus outbreaks originate with a simple email. At Nuvodia, we safeguard your email systems from security threats. Learn More
Perimeter Security
As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, Nuvodia will build security around your network to keep danger out, your valuable data in, and your mind at ease. Learn More
Security Forensics
At Nuvodia, we analyze data from all devices to find correlating events and respond quickly to potential threats. Learn More
Security Risk Assessment
Nuvodia’s experienced security experts assess your current IT security systems and policies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for building a stronger line of defense. Learn More
Social Engineering Engagements
Nuvodia can train your employees how to avoid social engineering – also known as phishing, baiting and pretexting and how to recognize and avoid future threats. Learn More
Web Security
Virus, malware and ransomware attacks are growing in number and complexity. At Nuvodia, we secure web activity to minimize risks and prevent your organization from potentially damaging situations. Learn More