Informatics in Radiology

What is Radiology Informatics?

Radiology Informatics, also known as imaging informatics, is the ability to use, rely on, and see accurate results with medical imaging in the healthcare space. It combines computer science, information science, as well as healthcare. Imaging services include things such as CT Scans, MRI’s, Mammograms, and Interventional Radiology. Radiology Informatics includes the system that stores all of the imaging information, as well as retrieves and transports film jackets for X-ray film.

Radiology Informatics includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) information in radiology, thus making it easier for medical professionals to use and get the results they need from imaging. They get data that inhabits the AI solution for reliability. AI-based solutions also undergo extensive testing to make sure that healthcare professionals are receiving accurate imaging for results, such as diagnosis.

Why is Informatics Important to Healthcare?

Informatics is extremely important to healthcare because it values the result to fast-track a solution to, for example, an illness such as cancer. Digital medical records also promote a patient to take control over their own health. Informatics also improves quality care, automates workflows, and has quick decision-making turnarounds. Informatics is also cost-effective and helps successfully managed care contracting.

Key Informatics Services Offered by Nuvodia

PACS is a Picture Archiving Communications System. This system is used for the distribution and storage of medical imaging. PACS is important because it allows patients to also see previous imaging to help them choose the perfect treatment plans for the healthiest solution.

RIS is a Radiology Information System. Our services at Nuvodia help you design your workflow automation system for registering and scheduling patients. RIS also helps with patient check-ins and even patient portals. Patient portals are useful for real-time reporting and real-time sharing, so there is no need to wait on the results that you need.

Voice recognition is just as it sounds. It allows accurate and automatic reporting through dictation. These reports can go right into the hands of the physicians that need them. Voice recognition automates punctuation, and you can self-edit, format, and electronically sign where you need to using voice recognition, as well.

The Cardiology Picture Archiving Communications System allows you to access cardiological images and information stored in the system. Nuvodia, specifically, uses a system built on the Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular (ISCV) platform. This platform allows for one central location on cardiology data, Electronic Health Records (EHR’s), and optimized imaging and billing capabilities for quicker turnaround times. 

Nuvodia Share is our personalized cloud-based healthcare platform to fast-track your productivity, patients healthcare strategies, and reporting and data storage. We allow you to send and receive images through our PACS, just by the simple right-click of your mouse.

We also help you automate your workflow system so it is embedded and integrated into the technology used. No more manual reporting and data. We make sure everything is easy and transferrable.

We create a centralized system for everything to fall under the cloud. With cloud-based technology, you can do everything needed under one application. We also make sure the dashboard is user-friendly and patients are able to access what they need to with ease, as well as get in touch with the healthcare professionals as quickly as they need to.

Radiology Consulting Services for Growing Healthcare Businesses

Our radiology Consulting Services consist of IT Integration Services, IT Project Management Services, and Workflow Assessments. These are the core services for growing healthcare businesses. To put it simply, it’s customizing the application, create tools to use for the desired project outcome, and make a knowledge-based process for employees to use in daily operations.

IT Integration Services

Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services help develop the interface and customize the applications for your specific system. We make sure we help you learn and simplify your IT operating model so that you can launch your new system as quickly as possible.

This is where we:

  • Create automated Workflows
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Boost productivity

IT Project Management Services

Now that the applications are created, we now need to implement them into your daily work schedule. We can use tools and templates your company already uses to make sure they are easily applied and understood. If you choose to start fresh or need an upgrade, Nuvodia establishes unique tools and templates for healthcare staff to use and work through when needed.

Nuvodia is also there for support. We have IT Staffing Services on hand to make sure you fully understand the system implemented, as well as the ability to explain to your patients how to use it. It is important for us to know that you are strengthening your patient services, as that is the main goal for the new system. 

Workflow Assessments

With our Workflow Assessment Services, we take a look at the workflow you already have in place and see if we can improve upon it or completely start your company from scratch. We help with staff readiness, workstation sizing and performance, department procedures, disaster recovery, and application functionality. We also give you a Workflow Analysis that gives a comprehensive IT roadmap with specific recommendations on what to do for a change and how we can help.

Overall, Nuvodia strives to provide the best options for your Imaging Informatics and how to implement a system that’s effective, impactful, and, simply, that works. If you feel, you can benefit from our services, don’t hesitate. Get a free instant quote today.

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