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IT Integration Services for Radiology

Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services for Radiology can open new opportunities for advanced data analytics, 24/7 support, and cutting-edge utilization management software.

  • Optimize data migration processes
  • Integrate hospital IT solutions

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Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services

Finding the technology that works for your business is just the first step. From consulting to interfaces and custom application development, Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services can help simplify your operations.

Nuvodia is an IT integration service provider that can serve as a partner to help your business succeed. We have experience in many areas of information technology, including radiology IT integration services, healthcare IT consulting and support services, cloud services consulting and integration, and managed IT services.

We provide expertise in developing custom healthcare solutions that will help you boost productivity, streamline operations, automate workflow, improve efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

With Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services, you benefit from

  • 20+ years of experience providing healthcare IT Integration Services 
  • A skilled, experienced, and certified team of interface and custom application developers
  • Systems built on Intersystems Ensemble ranked “Best in KLAS”
  • Technology expertise in a broad range of platforms, including HL7, X12, HIE, and more
  • Expertise in developing interfaces for leading systems such as Allscripts, Cerner, Centricity, EPIC, Meditech, Mysis, NextGen, and more
  • Access to our IT support helpdesk 24/7
  • Quickstart mentoring and training sessions for timely deployment 

When to Use IT Integration Services

Changing technologies, upgrades, and mergers often result in practices using multiple vendors and software operating. Too many unintegrated IT solutions can result in inefficiencies, an increased rate of errors, and high costs.

Nuvodia harnesses the technology of your current solutions to maximize their efficiency and host them under the same infrastructure. This makes it possible for radiologists and technicians to continue working similarly while lowering costs, improving patient care, and minimizing software interference. 

Nuvodia’s IT integration services provide a seamless transition to new technologies. We help you integrate your IT systems and manage them efficiently; thus, enabling you to:

  • Cut costs by improving the efficiency of your existing infrastructure and reducing support costs
  • Design a more straightforward IT architecture configuration
  • Get greater flexibility with easy-to-use self-service tools that align with your business needs
  • Plan a more manageable and robust business continuity solution
  • Enjoy reduction of technical support requirements
  • Improve productivity through automation of repetitive tasks

Nuvodia’s Comprehensive IT Integration Process

Integrating Nuvodia’s IT services into your existing cloud system allows us to help you manage your data more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Our technology experts will assess your current IT infrastructure, develop a comprehensive plan to modernize it, and implement the integration of new systems that will be fully functional in months, not years. In addition to integrating PACS with RIS/CRM systems, Nuvodia can help you automate workflows and streamline processes across the enterprise using Nuvodia’s proprietary software toolset.

System Analysis

The first step involved determining the scope of your needs. We’ll identify current risks, estimate deliverables, and devise a plan that helps you integrate your IT solutions with a schedule that fits into your team’s workflow.

System Assessment

Our team will comprehensively audit your current IT systems and solutions. The initial audit is meant to serve as an assessment starting point. From there, our expert team will determine the systems worth integrating with new PCAS/RIS solutions and which systems need to be replaced.

IT Modernization

We will provide you with a new platform to run your business, migrating data from the current systems and providing you with a new user interface for users within your organization. Our team can also help design a project plan that allows for rapid deployment of this application as you need.

Solution Design & Architecture

Once you define your objectives, our team can begin working on an architecture that meets those goals. We’ll consider factors such as hardware, software, and network requirements. Our experienced engineers will install hardware components and configure software settings according to your specifications. We’ll also test connectivity between systems so there are no vulnerabilities leading up to final testing before launch day.


Our Expertise

Nuvodia is here to help you transform your radiology department. We have a full-service team of technology experts who will seamlessly integrate your technology systems and more.

Managed IT Services

Nuvodia’s Managed IT Services provide year-round support and management of our technology. From proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance, data protection services, and dedicated technical service consultations. Our Managed IT Services take away some of the burdens on your company while providing you with assistance in maintaining secure, reliable systems that operate at peak efficiency.

IT Consulting

Whether you need infrastructure engineering and design, project management services, or IT staffing services, our industry-leading, IT consulting experts are here to help. With Nuvodia’s IT Consulting Services, you can scale your organization, implement new technologies, and expand your vision while you keep your business running. With our expertise in the field of health information technology, we can help you get the most out of your existing tools while also helping you plan for future needs.

Managed Cybersecurity

Simplify your IT environment and protect it from cybersecurity threats with managed IT Security Services. As a managed security service provider (MSSP), Nuvodia helps protect your company by providing firewall management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and antiviral services.

Radiology Information (PACS & RIS)

Using Nuvodia PACS solutions, clinicians can easily import a patient’s medical images, allowing fully-integrated data access. Nuvodia’s Radiology Information System (RIS) Solutions offers seamless integrations to digitize and automate orders, support referring physicians, and process payment and billing.

Radiology Consulting

Nuvodia’s team of IT experts can assess your practice’s workflow situation and provide you with a detailed plan to optimize your current infrastructure. We’ll look at all your existing systems to evaluate what’s working and not. Our radiology consulting services can help you assess application functionality, department procedures, IT infrastructure, and workstation performance.


Elevate Your Radiology Practice With Nuvodia’s IT Integration Services

Nuvodia can help you with IT integration, radiology information, radiology consulting, and managed cybersecurity services.

Our full-service IT support team is here for you, and we want to help you modernize your IT infrastructure, implement new technologies, implement new processes, or implement new software. Learn more about our radiology IT Integration Services to get started.


Reviews & Testimonials

Great communication. The Nuvodia Team has been really helpful. They are so responsive and easy to get in touch with when issues ever arise!

Holly Ingram, Radiology Director - Charleston, West Virginia

Choosing Nuvodia was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. They’re fast, responsive and passionate about what they do. Nuvodia actually exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of service they provide. They’re wonderful to work with.

Candace Walsh, Chief Financial Officer - Othello, Washington

In 2004 we implemented a new Mysis VisionPM solution that required interfaces for orders, scheduling and billing charges. Among the many vendors involved, Nuvodia was unsurpassed, their HL7 integration expertise, flexibility and customer service focus drove the success of our integration effort.

David Holland, Director of Ancillary Services - Seattle, Washington

With Nuvodia, we get the whole package. The technology, the people, the industry knowledge, and the support.

Marc Simmons, Director of Diagnostic Imaging - Moses Lake, Washington

If we wanted to administer PACS internally, and have the ability to provide 24×7 support and the current technical knowledge to manage and maintain not only the software, but also the hardware and network, we would need an IT team of at least four to five people. For a small facility like ours, it is simply not feasible. The PACS support from Nuvodia has been fantastic. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give our experience with Nuvodia a 10.

Heather Myers, Director of Radiology Services - Atlanta, Georgia

Many businesses typically don’t have the number of people or breadth of expertise they need for their internal IT staff. Nuvodia is an excellent option. At Cascade Windows, my former employer, Nuvodia was able to provide scalable, affordable services – from hosted IT services to telephone systems – that we would not have been able to achieve in house. Every step along the way, they were very customer-service oriented and responsive, and they always delivered.

Lawrence Berry, Owner - Spokane, Washington

Nuvodia hosts the network for our electronic health records and practice management systems. They provide the best level of technical support and customer service in Spokane, giving our organization access to the expertise and infrastructure we could not afford to bring in house.

Melanie Sims, CEO - Spokane, Washington

Nathan was able to provide me the exact information I needed to relay to the modality vendor very quickly. He also went above and beyond when I did not receive good technical support from that vendor to try to help solve the issue himself. Great customer service!

Celia Hudson, Radiology Director - Manistique, Michigan

Nuvodia is always amazing. What an amazing company and your teamwork is on point! Thank you all very much.

Alexis Frazier, PACS Administrator - San Antonio, Texas

I cannot say thanks enough to the Nuvodia support team for all of the your help you have given. You guys have all been fantastic and very nice to work with. It’s been a complicated mess and your team has been great. Thank you for being patient!

Olive Stone, IT Director - Winfield, Kansas


How Does It Work?

What's included in a Radiology Information System (RIS)?

Our RIS Service provides best-in-class workflow management and robust features, including:

  • Instant, Web-Based Access
  • Streamlined Clinical, Diagnostic & Administrative Workflow
  • Seamless & Secure Management of Patient Data — Including Storage, Tracking & Sharing
  • Easy Deployment, Implementation, Training, Scalability & Usability

How much does it cost?

Our costs are based on your business and number imaging studies you process per year, so we only charge for what you are asking us to take care of. Our team would be happy to get you a specific quote to show costs for your business.

Do I sign a long-term contract?

Our agreements range from 1 to 5 years depending on the needs of your business.  However, our goal is to become a long term partner with our customers, not just another vendor. Our team wants to help you bring your vision to life through technology!

What's the process to get a quote?

Just fill out the form on our site, chat with one of our team members or give us a call. We will ask you a couple questions about your business needs and goals to generate a custom quote and agreement. We look forward to working together!


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