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Managed IT Service Providers We Recommend

Nuvodia is a Spokane, Washington-based Managed IT Service Provider, so our focus is exclusively on the Pacific Northwest market, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Northern California. To provide services outside of our markets, we are part of an international organization called “IT Nation Evolve.” Evolve is a peer group, coaching, and consulting organization for IT Professionals, and includes some of the most well-respected IT Support companies worldwide.

Here are some companies we recommend in some specific markets:

Beringer Technology Group

Beringer Technology Group is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Maple Shade, NJ, and with additional offices in Philadelphia, PA and Vero Beach, FL.

Primary Services

Main Address: 612 E Woodlawn Ave Suite 200, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

For more information, contact Beringer Technology Group at (856) 325-2800 or info@beringer.net

Cyberian Technologies

Cyberian Technologies is a MSP based in Indianapolis, IN and delivers exceptional IT Support to businesses in Indiana.

Primary Services

Main Address: 5656 W 74th St, Indianapolis, IN 46278

For more information, contact Cyberian Technologies at (317) 926-9000

F1 Solutions

F1 Solutions is a MSP based in Huntsville, AL, and focuses on IT Support and IT Security.

Primary Services

Main Address: 4975 Bradford Dr NW Suite 100, Huntsville, AL 35805

For more information, contact F1 Solutions at (256) 461-0040 or sales@f1networks.com

GNT Solutions

GNT Solutions is a MSP based in Sacramento, CA, providing comprehensive IT Services and Support.

Primary Services

Main Address: 180 Promenade Circle Suite 260, Sacramento, CA 95834

For more information, contact GNT Solutions at (916) 830-9400


InTech is a MSP with office in Honolulu, HI and Las Vegas, NV, focusing on 24×7 IT Support and Managed IT Security.

Primary Services

Honolulu Office: 745 Fort St Suite 600, Honolulu, HI 96813

Las Vegas Office: 4000 S Eastern Ave Suite 132, Las Vegas, NV 89119

For more information, contact InTech at (808) 948-9617

Preemo IT Support

Preemo IT Support is a MSP based in Miami, FL, and provides IT Support, Managed IT Services, Cloud Solutions, and IT Security.

Primary Services

Main Address: 9655 S Dixie Hwy Suite 202, Miami, FL 33156

For more information, contact Preemo at (305) 504-6947 or info@preemo.com


We are a Managed Service Provider with offices in Spokane, WA and Seattle, WA with three areas of expertise: Healthcare Informatics, IT Services, and IT Staffing Services.

Primary Services

  • IT Support Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • PACS Solutions
  • IT Staffing Services

Main Address: 850 E Spokane Falls Blvd Suite 124, Spokane, WA 99202

For more information, contact Nuvodia at (855) 568-8634

If you are looking for a Managed Service Provider or IT Company in a specific area, feel free to call us anytime at 855.568.8634