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Radiologist Reviewing Shared PACS Data Across Multiple Screens

Nuvodia Share

Nuvodia Share provides a fully-managed, cloud-based Medical Image Management platform built to connect healthcare providers to the radiology data they need. Partner with Nuvodia to optimize your image exchange network; eliminating CD’s, VPN tunnels and costly delays.


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What is Nuvodia Share?

Nuvodia Share is a cloud-based image exchange platform created to enable providers to share medical images with other care providers, hospitals, and patients.

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Extend the reach of PACS

Nuvodia Share extends the capabilities of Philips IntelliSpace PACS into hospitals and clinics where prior imaging was performed or future imaging is scheduled. Available through a simple right click, Nuvodia Share allows you to send or receive images securely using our cloud-based platform.

Doctor Accessing Patient PACS Imagery via Nuvodia Share
Two Radiologists Reviewing Shared PACS Data

Save Time, Work Efficiently

Quickly and securely upload medical images to our cloud-based platform, where shared access is fast and easy. No longer is it necessary to create secure network tunnels to transfer images; with Nuvodia Share you can share anytime, with anyone.

Why choose Nuvodia Share as your Image Exchange Platform?

  • Secure, cloud-based platform.
  • Centralized management of image requests.
  • Easy end-user registration and access.
  • Integrated PACS workflow.

How it works?

Share Exam

Access the Nuvodia Share platform while viewing images in PACS and initiate the sharing process. Enter the recipient information and determine what you’d like to share.

Share Confirmation

Step through the confirmation to ensure accuracy, both of the patient information as well as the recipient information. Monitor the transmission in the management dashboard.

Recipient Email

Recipient will receive email with information relating the exam that was shared and instructions on how to access or download the patient information.

Identity Confirmation

The recipient will confirm their identity based on the parameters you define. Once identity is confirmed, access to the shared records will be granted.

Audit Shares

Use the reporting and dashboard features to audit the sharing, receipt, downloading, and uploading of image data.

What’s our service delivery model?

The Nuvodia Service Delivery Model is a way of delivering technology that creates alignment between our organization and yours. We succeed only when you succeed.

  • Solutions are engineered to meet a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • Bundled Solutions create one point of contact for your radiology workflow.
  • Pay a simple, all-inclusive fixed fee per study.
  • Hardware life-cycle management is included at no additional cost.
  • Software Upgrades included in the fee per study, no surprise costs.
  • End-User and IT Technical Support available 24x7x365, via Nuvodia’s Healthcare Information Technology Support Services.

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