Perimeter Security

At Nuvodia, we build perimeter security around your network to keep danger out, your valuable data in and your mind at ease.

Is your information safe?

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, so should your network security. Nuvodia’s IT security experts provide a barrier of protection around your network to shield your organization from a potentially disastrous intrusion on your sensitive data.

Front-line defense

We build a customized firewall at the edge of your network to monitor inbound and outbound traffic. If something looks suspicious, our technology will flag the potential threat, block any malicious activity, and signal network administers of the problem in real time.

Dynamic detection and protection

Cyber attackers are constantly changing their approach, hoping to catch you off guard. Our solution features integrated intrusion protection and intrusion detection systems (IPS/IDS) that update automatically.  This ensures your network is proactively protected from even the latest, most devious threats.

A global watch

Our geospatial services can pinpoint risky network traffic to certain countries and help combat cyber threats from outside U.S. borders.

Data loss prevention

With our data loss prevention (DLP) strategies, you can prevent insiders from leaking confidential and critical information to people outside your organization. We protect your sensitive data, such as client or patient records and credit card information. We help it from being shared via email, the web or other form of electronic communication.

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