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Server and Infrastructure Management

With Nuvodia’s server and infrastructure management services, your IT infrastructure will be faster, more reliable and more powerful than ever before.

Speed, reliability, and support allow you have peace of mind when leveraging Nuvodia for a Server and Infrastructure management solution.

A lot of an IT budget can be spent on the day-to-day monitoring and resolution of server and infrastructure issues.  Nuvodia offers the talent, tools, and resources necessary to provide a cost-effective solution to manage your server and IT infrastructure.

Nuvodia’s Server and Infrastructure Management services have the following capabilities:

  • 24×7 management of client-owned servers, storage and network equipment
  • Real-time server and network device monitoring
  • Regular operating systems patching
  • Regular server/network side operations tasks
  • Backups and anti-virus services
  • All break/fix support
  • Monthly status reports
  • Automatic software upgrades for network equipment
  • Optional Telco vendor support

Read how Nuvodia’s server and infrastructure management services helped some of our clients in our – Anastasi, Moore & Martin, PLLC | Case Study and Cancer Care Northwest | Case Study.

To find out more about Nuvodia’s Infrastructure Management Services and how we can provide you with efficient monitoring and management of your server and IT infrastructure, Contact Us today.