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SIEM as a Service

SIEM as a Service

Nuvodia’s SIEM as a Service is designed to provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) all the benefits needed from a security information and event management (SIEM) system without the personnel headaches or capital equipment investments. This cybersecurity offering is a comprehensive SIEM-as-a-Service solution, fully hosted in Nuvodia’s secure and compliant cloud computing platform, to manage and monitor your critical information technology IT systems remotely.

Nuvodia SIEM as a Service Benefits

We simplify the collection of information that impacts your business, with an integrated and cross-correlated view into your information technology network, devices, apps, and user logs. Nuvodia SIEM as a Service redefines the next generation of Security Information and Event Management, with a powerful analytics engine, automated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and event consolidation, smart anomaly detection, identity and location binding, and flexible data management.

SIEM As A Service Features List

  • Mainstream device support
  • Event source monitoring
  • Event log and network flow data consolidation
  • Comprehensive, extensible analytics
  • Network, virtualization, and application intelligence
  • Identity and location intelligence
  • Configuration and configuration change monitoring
  • In-depth database security, availability and anomalous activity monitoring
  • Powerful, layer 7 (application layer) rules engine
  • Real-time and historical cross-correlation
  • Prioritized, valid security incidents with correlated and raw details
  • Dynamic dashboards, topology maps and notification
  • Real-time and long-term search with web-like query and iterative filtering
  • Directory service integrated and custom asset and user grouping
  • Compliance and standards-based reports
  • Optimized event repository
  • Event log data integrity secured by Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC)
  • Unlimited online data retention
  • As needed performance and coverage capacity.

Get Nuvodia SIEM as a Service Brief

The Nuvodia SIEM-as-a-Service enables MSPs to gain all the benefits of the world’s most powerful and flexible SIEM without the hardware or personnel investment for deployment, management, or maintenance of the system. Nuvodia takes care of all the infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades, patches, capacity planning, backups, and security of the system and platform. As a Nuvodia customer, you also benefit from our decades of experience building, scaling, and managing SIEM environments, supporting tens of thousands of devices. Call Nuvodia today to secure your IT network!

By Josh Andrade (Nuvodia, Marketing Specialist)


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