Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from SIEM Solutions


Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from SIEM Solutions

Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from SIEM Solutions

Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from SIEM Solutions

Top 5 Reasons Enterprises Benefit from SIEM Solutions

November 12, 2019

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In the world of cybersecurity, there are a lot of unknowns to the average individual and one of these unknown pieces of information is what a SIEM is. Perhaps you understand that SIEM stands for, (Security Information and Event Management), and that they can help companies withstand cyberattacks, but do you know how it functions and what benefits it offers? Our company, Nuvodia, specializes in cybersecurity and we can tell you exactly how our SIEM solutions help larger enterprises and what benefits they gain.

Below is our list of the top five reasons companies love to rely on our SIEM.

1. Centralizing Your Security Information

Within your company are a multitude of different devices that all fulfill different purposes. Some of them are your edge devices like a firewall and IDS/IPS systems, but you also have wireless access points, anti-virus consoles and a variety of other servers. Each device generates different activity and with a SIEM solution, you can centralize that activity so that you can read reports from one source.

2. Pinpoint Detection; Not Just Log Aggregation

A SIEM solution does not only run reports passively like a log aggregation, but detects activities that are real threats. For example, let’s say that you do not have a sequel server but a sequel injection attack is taking place, a log aggregation system will likely produce a report that looks threatening, but in reality is not; this would be a false-positive report. SIEM solutions can produce automated cross-correlation and analysis from several services, which will provide you with better detection.

3. Customizing Your System for the Best Protections

Along with recognizing your network devices and understanding actual threats, a SIEM solution is designed to customize a tailor-made protection force that monitors your network to filter out specific dangerous activity. This customization is based on the type of servers you use and the applications you run, and by designating a SIEM solution to target common threats that your company faces, you’ll be setting up the best protection possible for you. It’s similar to a football team creating an offensive game-plan to run effectively against the defensive attacks, and even as the defense grow tougher, our SIEM solutions allow you to change the play-call by creating adjustments or refinements along the way.

4. Real-time Notifications and Time Efficiency

While the SIEM constantly detects and protects against changes within the routers, firewalls and other servers, it also gathers full configuration information and recognizes changes in threat feeds, blacklists and geolocations. This improves the accuracy in the reports, and when you combine that with the protection and detection solutions, you have a full SIEM system that is ready to notify you of any real threats. However, unlike other cybersecurity systems, these notifications have no delay; a detailed report of a dangerous threat will be made and a team of experts will be ready to find a solution within minutes.

5. Regulatory Compliance Fulfillment

All companies with personal information must stay within the bounds of FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI and other security regulations, and a SIEM solution does this. When one of these entities is looking for an audit report or exam, the SIEM can generate the needed reports on things such as log user access, system changes and any other monitoring adherence they need.

See What SIEM Can Do For You

A SIEM solution can provide you with the protection you need, but depending on how extensive of coverage you want, the solutions may vary. For the best coverage and to receive a team ready to help you read the data and find solutions, consider Nuvodia as your SIEM solution provider.

By Josh Andrade (Nuvodia, Marketing Specialist)


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