What is IT Infrastructure Design and Engineering?

IT Infrastructure Design and Engineering is making a technological system work and scale to your business and company needs. It includes network migration, new application implementation, equipment and system updates, and server platform upgrades. IT infrastructure is designing the technical makeup of the system used, building it for your company, integrating it to meet the requirements, and launching it to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Nuvodia has a team of IT Infrastructure professionals that are familiar and skilled in design and engineering to build the right system for your brand. We also do our best to make sure it is maintained and working properly for your employees and customers. We have a transformative process that is proven and works to make sure your company is getting the most benefits out of the system.

IT Infrastructure Design and Engineering Process

No matter your industry, technology should be an integral part of your organization’s strategic planning process. Nuvodia’s IT Infrastructure Design and Engineering Process defines the strategy and direction that your organization will implement and outlines decisions on allocating resources to implement that strategy. Knowing where you want to go, and how technology can help you get there, is essential for success.

A good strategic plan should include measurable goals, with metrics to track progress. Nuvodia’s experienced consultants assess your organization’s operational, financial, and business goals and identify IT challenges and opportunities. We help your company look beyond day-to-day IT issues and form a plan that aligns your organization’s short- and long-term goals with proven IT solutions, ensuring you get the most out of your technology investment.

Here are some of the features in our process that you can benefit from:

  • An assessment of current and future technology trends in your industry along with recommendations for optimizing the use of this technology.
  • A comprehensive IT roadmap showing how technology should support your business strategy along with a comprehensive action plan.
  • A strategic, flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure.
  • IT strategic planning process facilitation.
  • An option for ongoing strategic consulting on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Scalable IT Infrastructure

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure might need to adjust. This could mean it needs more memory or more storage. It also can mean that it needs a larger database and more server units. Scaling IT Infrastructure helps you keep up with your workflow for productive workdays. It is important to work with scalable IT infrastructure because your business can evolve with ease.

Is Your Current Infrastructure Adaptable to Future Innovations?

Cloud-based software allows you to scale your business efficiently because the information is stored in the cloud, so it can grow and adapt to the market demands of your business. Nuvodia’s design and engineering team is familiar with a variety of adaptable infrastructure systems, such as:

What Regulatory Requirements Should be Considered?

A lot of IT infrastructure design and engineering development changes to follow the regulatory requirements. These requirements are not as much the technology, rather it is considering business processes.

Major Regulations to consider are the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), HIPPA, GLBA, and the USA Patriot Act.

These regulatory requirements help benefit the level of security and confidentiality a business has with its customers and employees under the IT infrastructure implemented. It also helps with storage and where to place records. Change monitoring can be impacted. Companies must track all changes and keep up with the information stored in a system, especially as the business optimizes and more people are granted access to the system (i.e. new employees or new clients).

Being aware of regulatory requirements is important to comply with because you want to audit your IT system to make sure it is working properly, storing classified information, and, ultimately, building trust with your clients. The more aware you are of the IT design and engineering process, the more likely you are to optimize your business the right way.

How Nuvodia’s Skilled Team Can Help

Nuvodia has a highly skilled team of IT consulting engineers that provide the hands-on experience and technological expertise to design and specify everything necessary to complete your IT project — on time and on budget. We help implement not just a technological system, but also a strategy so you can store records, automate processes, and reach clients at the click of a button.

We offer support services when you’re ready to scale your IT infrastructure, and we consult with your team as well as ours, to make sure everyone understands the functionality of the system. Our expert team at Nuvodia will allow you and your employees to feel confident in their system and have more time to focus on productivity. Our trusted team is quick with our response and can’t wait to hear how you want to improve your services today!

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