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IT Infrastructure Engineering and Design

You’ve got an exciting new IT project. What do you do now? Apply engineering expertise so that the idea will work, and design it so that you can make it happen. If those two steps sound intimidating for you, don’t worry: Nuvodia has you covered.

The Engineering and Design Group at Nuvodia possesses all the experience and expertise needed. Rely on us to carry out your IT project … and do it right. We deliver on your timeline and on your budget.

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Team Nuvodia has accumulated an extensive amount of experience, covering a variety of industries. They can oversee, implement and manage whatever you have in mind. Some of the fields in which we excel include:

  • Migrating between networks
  • Implementing new applications
  • Updates for key equipment within your system
  • Upgrading your server platform

IT Infrastructure Strategic Planning for Your Seattle or Spokane Business

There’s a reason that the sage old advice: Measure Twice, Cut Once, exists. Meticulous planning will save many hours and untold budget overruns, getting the job done the right way the first time. Nuvodia can help you plan your project, from virtual paper to fully functioning reality. Define your strategy. Set your direction. Make sure all stakeholders understand the process and each step that’s required. Allocate your resources. Establish goals that can be measured, along with the metrics to track your progress.

When you ally with us, Nuvodia’s team becomes one of those stakeholders in your planning. We take the time to learn your corporate culture, assess your goals, map out potential bottlenecks or side tracks and grasp an understanding of the opportunity that’s being pursued. We look at the process from the standpoint of your daily activity in order to spot possible issues and challenges that might appear. We study your field of endeavor and get a comprehensive picture of any industry-specific requirements or regulations that might apply, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, GLBA, or the USA Patriot Act. Only then do we deliver the IT solutions that have been proven to be in perfect alignment with your short-term needs and your long-term goals. We guard your investment in this technology as vigorously as you do.


Strategic Planning Services That Benefit Your Seattle or Spokane Business

We’ll help you get there by helping you understand where “there” really is.

  • What are your present technology needs and where may the foreseeable trends take you in the future?
  • What emerging technology developments within your specific industry might prove to be relevant to your mission, and how can they be implemented for optimal benefit to you?
  • Do you have a roadmap that shows a comprehensive IT plan that will support your day-to-day business activities with a solid course of action?
  • Is your IT infrastructure robust yet flexible; comprehensive yet adaptable?
  • You have a plan, but do you and your company possess the necessary skills and expertise to move it forward to address your ultimate goals?

Nuvodia’s experienced team can not only help you answer these questions, but we can be instrumental in the execution of your plan, from start to finish. Except, plans like that are never really finished; they evolve and develop as your enterprise grows and progresses. Nuvodia can be there with you through that process. A growing business will need tweaks to its IT system from time to time, and when your infrastructure is fully scalable, we can help you keep up with your own growth. Nuvodia’s cloud-based services allow you to easily adapt to whatever the future might hold.

Ask us about our ongoing consulting services. We can be with you on your journey as long as you need us, on a monthly or quarterly basis.


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