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Infrastructure Engineering and Design

Infrastructure Engineering and Design

Nuvodia’s engineering and design group provides the hands-on experience and technological expertise to design and specify everything that’s necessary to complete your IT project — on time and on budget. The team has extensive experience in a broad range of industries overseeing, implementing and managing projects and engagements, including:

  • Network migration
  • New application implementation
  • Equipment and system updates
  • Server platform upgrades

Nuvodia’s design and engineering team is familiar with a variety of products and systems, including:

Discover how Cancer Care Northwest achieved its business objective to build a more robust and flexible healthcare IT network, as partners with Nuvodia’s Infrastructure Engineering and Design team.

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Strategic Planning

No matter your industry, technology should be an integral part of your organization’s strategic planning process. An IT strategic plan defines the strategy and direction that your organization will implement and outlines decisions on allocating resources to implement that strategy. Knowing where you want to go, and how technology can help you get there, is essential for success. A good strategic plan should include measurable goals, with metrics to track progress.

Nuvodia’s experienced consultants assess your organization’s operational, financial and business goals and identify IT challenges and opportunities. We help your company look beyond day-to-day IT issues and form a plan that aligns your organization’s short- and long-term goals with proven IT solutions, ensuring you get the most out of your technology investment.

Strategic Planning Services to Benefit You

  • An assessment of current and future technology trends in your industry along with recommendations for optimizing the use of this technology.
  • A comprehensive IT roadmap showing how technology should support your business strategy along with a comprehensive action plan.
  • A strategic, flexible, adaptable IT infrastructure.
  • IT strategic planning process facilitation.
  • An option for ongoing strategic consulting on a monthly or quarterly basis.



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