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Every smartphone user knows it. Many smart-television owners know it, too. Now, clinicians who operate the latest radiology and digital diagnostic equipment are finding out. The quickest, most efficient, most effective way to control these devices is through the power of speech. Voice Recognition technology ― just speak your content and it is received and the proper action taken.

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Nuvodia’s Radiology Voice Recognition Services at a Glance

Voice commands are fast and specific. If you operate a state-of-the-art diagnostic center, let Nuvodia show you how to raise your productivity, facilitate the generation of reports and improve your workflow. Rapid turnaround times mean cost savings at every level. Full control and intuitive automation improve the accuracy of these vital documents, without any further demand on your busy radiology team’s time. You can enjoy enhanced productivity in your radiology practice, including physician reports that are dictated accurately and transferred to the referring practitioners at digital speed.

Intuitive speech-recognition software from Nuvodia is fully interactive, allowing constant confirmation and error-checking, to allow real-time documentation of all procedures. Your team can dictate a report for a patient session, review it, add a signature and transmit it to the referring clinicians all within minutes of the patient climbing down from the examination table.

Benefits of Nuvodia’s Voice Recognition Services:

The Leading Voice Recognition Software for Radiology Teams


Nuvodia’s voice recognition software is fully compliant with HIPAA and other relevant regulations to protect the patient’s data. There are ample opportunities for your team to conduct quality assurance checks on reports before they are sent, to protect the patient’s health and your own liability. There is always a way for your team to interact, verify and correct the contents of any reports before they are dispatched.

Faster, more accurate, more efficient reporting

Most people can speak much faster than they can enter data via a keyboard. The upshot is a quicker, smoother, more efficient workflow. This is sure to please patients, doctors, and operators ― anyone who would appreciate a quicker procedure so they can get on with the rest of their day. Just dictate, review and sign off.

Fully Compatible

Nuvodia’s voice recognition software can probably operate the equipment you currently work with. We can install, calibrate and deploy voice recognition capabilities for your existing system, train your team so that they get the most out of this new capability, plus we’ll be there for you to answer questions and troubleshoot any integration issues that may arise.

Nuvodia’s team has the experience, expertise, and specific skills to engineer a seamless transition to this faster, almost effortless method of accurate, industry-compliant reporting. We are at your side for the long haul, easily reachable should any questions or complications come up.

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