Information Technology Services

Our team of experts help businesses budget, plan, and execute complex IT projects. With Nuvodia you will get expert advice and a team working by your side to fully understand your organization and goals.

IT Consulting

IT Staffing Services
Nuvodia can provide the people, tools, and processes to meet your fluctuating IT resource needs. Add top IT talent to your team, without the cost, time and risk of hiring a full-time employee. Learn More
IT Project Management Services
Nuvodia will work with you to define your desired outcomes and then manage its delivery to ensure these are realized. Learn More
Nuvodia's team of consultants can make IT assessments and recommend next steps. We analyze your current systems, evaluate what’s working well and what’s not, and provide an actionable plan. Learn More
Infrastructure Engineering and Design
Nuvodia's infrastructure engineering and design group will provide the hands-on experience and technological expertise to design and specify everything that’s necessary to complete your IT project. Learn More
Strategic Planning
Knowing where you want to go is essential for your business's success. Nuvodia will work with you to put together a strategic plan that includes measurable goals, with metrics to track progress. Learn More
Application Management and Development
At Nuvodia, our application management and development offering is completely customizable, and tailored to meet your specific business needs. Learn More
Accounting Project Consulting
Nuvodia’s IT consultants can evaluate your firm’s needs and budget and connect you to solutions than can improve productivity, save time and reduce costs. Learn More

Hosted Services

Cloud Backup Technologies
Keep your critical information and resources secure with Nuvodia’s reliable and highly secure backup services. If the unexpected happens, the critical information you need to do business will remain safe and available. Learn More
Public and Private Cloud Solutions
With Nuvodia, you can access hosted applications, also called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and store data on our private, secure cloud-computing platform for a flat monthly fee. Learn More
Telephony in the Cloud
IP Telephony from Nuvodia includes 4-digit dialing, multiple lines, auto attendant, a company directory and much more. We compare voice and data services to find the best option on the market for your business. Learn More

Managed Services

IT Support Services
Support is a key component to hiring the right IT Support Services team for your business. Our IT experts provide the around the clock support your team needs, to keep your business running smoothly. Nuvodia specializes in IT Support for businesses of ALL sizes. Learn More
Managed IT Services
With managed IT services, Nuvodia takes care of it all: Server hardware, network management, maintenance and around-the-clock technical support to keep your important applications and business-critical data safe, secure and running. Learn More
Infrastructure Solutions
Nuvodia's team can provide infrastructure solutions and equip your organization with the tools and technologies to better connect your employees and customers, boost productivity and business outcomes, and improve the bottom line. Learn More
Server and IT Infrastructure Management
With server and infrastructure management services from Nuvodia, your IT infrastructure will be faster, more reliable and more powerful than ever before. Learn More
Video Conferencing
Realize the full benefits of integrating video into your business communications with Nuvodia’s videoconferencing services. We can provide the solutions that will optimize your videoconferencing experience and meeting productivity. Learn More
Improve your IT flexibility and performance, while reducing expenses and increasing efficiencies, with Nuvodia’s virtualization services. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the latest enterprise-class virtualization products and delivery platforms. Learn More

Security Services

Managed Security Services
Simplify your IT Environment with the help of our expert team. With Nuvodia managed security services, you get the expertise to care for all your technical needs, you will feel confident your business is safe. Learn More
Custom Security Services
At Nuvodia, we understand that the security need of every organization is unique, and require a custom-tailored solution to ensure maximum coverage. Learn More
Device Security
With Nuvodia, a layer of protection keeps your mobile devices including laptops, phones and tablets, safe and your organization compliant. Learn More
Email Security
Some of the most destructive malware and virus outbreaks originate with a simple email. At Nuvodia, we safeguard your email systems from security threats. Learn More
Perimeter Security
As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, Nuvodia will build security around your network to keep danger out, your valuable data in, and your mind at ease.. Learn More
Security Forensics
At Nuvodia, we analyze data from all devices to find correlating events and respond quickly to potential threats. Learn More
Security Risk Assessment
Nuvodia’s experienced security experts assess your current IT security systems and policies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for building a stronger line of defense. Learn More
Social Engineering Engagements
Nuvodia can train your employees how to avoid social engineering – also known as phishing, baiting and pretexting and how to recognize and avoid future threats. Learn More
Web Security
Virus, malware and ransomware attacks are growing in number and complexity. At Nuvodia, we secure web activity to minimize risks and prevent your organization from potentially damaging situations. Learn More