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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

24×7 Support is a key component to hiring the right information technology (IT) Support Services team for your business. Our IT experts provide the around the clock support your team needs, to keep your business running smoothly. Nuvodia specializes in IT Support for businesses of ALL sizes.

Your data and information is imperative in your business, and we understand that as an IT company. We protect our clients with industry-leading security software, tools, and business processes. Today’s advanced threats bypass firewalls and a massive 86% of threats go through these systems. Nearly 9 out of 10 threats aren’t stopped by the traditional systems you’re probably relying on today.

Our team of experts help businesses budget, plan, and execute complex IT projects. With Nuvodia you will get expert advice and a team working by your side to fully understand your organization and goals. For example, discover:

IT Support Services

IT Support Services Team at Work Assisting ClientsNuvodia leverages great technology, proprietary processes and most importantly exceptional people to deliver you the right IT solutions and support. Our team understands that while technology in integral in your business, you should not have to focus on it. Discover More

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services Enable Wireless Access via a Tablet DeviceSimplify your IT Environment with the help of our expert team. With Nuvodia managed security services, you get the expertise to care for all your technical needs, you will feel confident your business is safe. Leverage advanced technology and tools to combat the latest cyber security threats. Find Out More

IT Consulting

Infrastructure Engineering and Design

Nuvodia’s engineering and design group will provide the hands-on experience and technological expertise to design and specify everything that’s necessary to complete your IT project. Learn More

IT Project Management Services

With Nuvodia’s project management services, your IT project will get the attention it needs to stay on track. Our project managers organize your resources, manage timelines and make sure spending stays on (or under) budget. Explore More

IT Staffing Services

Nuvodia can provide the people, tools, and processes to meet your fluctuating IT resource needs. Add top IT talent to your team, without the cost, time and risk of hiring a full-time employee. View More

Hosted Services

Public and Private Cloud Solutions

With Nuvodia, you can access hosted applications, also called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and store data on our private, secure cloud-computing platform for a flat monthly fee. Discover More

Cloud Backup Technologies

Keep your critical information and resources secure with Nuvodia’s reliable and highly secure backup services. If the unexpected happens, the critical information you need to do business will remain safe and available. Find Out More

Security Services

Security Risk Assessment

Nuvodia’s experienced security experts assess your current IT security systems and policies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for building a stronger line of defense. Learn More

Managed Services

Managed IT Services

With managed IT services, Nuvodia takes care of it all: Server hardware, network management, maintenance and around-the-clock technical support to keep your important applications and business-critical data safe, secure and running. Explore More

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