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Managed IT Security Services

Simplify your IT environment with the help of our expert team and experience around-the-clock superior cloud security services from Nuvodia. Leverage advanced technology and tools to combat the latest cyber security threats with:

  • Real-time threat analysis reports
  • Customized dashboards for enabled visibility and monitoring
  • Smart vulnerability management services

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What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

A managed security service provider (MSSP) like Nuvodia provides Seattle, Spokane, and companies throughout the Pacific Northwest with outsourced monitoring and management for their security devices and IT systems. MSSP services include firewall management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and antiviral services. 

Nuvodia’s MSSPs use high-level security operations to protect your company and simplify your IT environment. This way, your company can reduce the number of IT personnel needed to maintain security protocols and focus on other areas. With Nuvodia’s managed security services, you get the expertise to care for all your technical needs. You will feel confident that your business is safe.

What is the Difference Between MSP and MSSP?

A managed service provider (MSP) is often an IT professional or business providing technical services to organizations from a central location. They provide IT services like managing backups and applications, providing endpoint security, and managing cloud services. 

On the other hand, a managed security service provider (MSSP) offers managed firewall appliances and services. These organizations provide data and system security services exclusively. They offer managed detection and response to security threats and breaches, network security protocols, and incident response. 

While both provide third-party services to organizations, MSP delivers network, database, and other general IT support and services. Instead, MSSPs are solely focused on providing cybersecurity services. MSSPs continuously manage and monitor systems and data security with security operation centers that operate 24/7. They also provide proactive protection and response services to protect your business against potential cybersecurity threats.


Nuvodia’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Benefits

As a Managed Security Service Provider, Nuvodia brings together leading threat intelligence services, top-notch cybersecurity specialists, and superb project managers specializing in IT environments to help make it safer for your business to operate, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition


As your trusted security advisor, we help you address your security needs. Using superior cyber threat intelligence combined with security expertise protocols to protect your company’s devices and data. We provide continuous security monitoring of all managed devices to safeguard investments, meet compliance regulations, and protect your company. Our people, technology, and processes are among the best globally.


Benefit from an extended-team approach with trusted security advisors. Nuvodia’s team delivers 24/7, real-time monitoring and expert analysis of all your cyber environments. Your organization receives comprehensive, around-the-clock monitoring with our services, such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). We get the timely, actionable information needed for rapid response to threats and breaches.

Vulnerability Management

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we have the tools and IT Security knowledge to help you make sense of the current cybersecurity trends and how they relate to your organization. Our fully-managed vulnerability management process allows us to detect unknown threats in your network, servers, applications, devices, databases, and other cyber assets. We can help detect vulnerable elements both on-premises and in your cloud services.

Access to World-Class MSSP Support

We believe in providing in-depth analysis to protect today’s small and medium-sized businesses from cybercrime. We implement transformational initiatives to elevate your business as your organization requires ongoing improvement processes to protect your business. Nuvodia’s specialists can help improve and optimize security programs for the long term so you can focus on running and growing your business.


Why Choose Nuvodia as Your Local Seattle or Spokane Managed Security Services Provider?

As one of the largest MSSPs in Washington, Nuvodia’s cybersecurity task force works with leading security providers while providing top-notch security management services for Seattle and Spokane businesses. The Nuvodia Service Delivery Model is a way of delivering technology that creates alignment between our organization and yours.

We succeed only when you succeed. Some of Nuvodia’s MSSPs benefits include:

  • Custom cybersecurity detection rules
  • In-depth behavioral and anomalous activity monitoring
  • Fully hosted, redundant, and managed SIEM services
  • Ongoing rule tuning and false positive reduction
  • Detailed notifications, including remediation guidance
  • Integrated global threat databases for multiple feeds

Our MSSPs address the most common cybersecurity challenges, including keeping you up to date on the latest compliance trends and cyber-attack trends so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. So, why Nuvodia?

Provides an Extended-Team Approach. With the global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, Nuvodia’s managed security services can take the burden off of your business. We offer comprehensive services to help you plan and implement security-driven protocols.

Simplify Security Protocols & Training. Having too many products to manage can take a toll on your staff. Nuvodia’s MSSPs help defend your business with the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies.

Cutting Edge Technology to Protect Yourself. With cyberattacks getting more sophisticated, our security experts can act as your trusted advisors to keep your team and business up to date with the latest cybersecurity threats.


What Can You Expect from Our Managed Security Service Team?

Utilizing a combination of the latest technology and our team of experts, we can provide your business with 24/7 threat detection and response. Our security controls help reduce your on-premises security footprint, simplify your IT management, and achieve efficiency within your budget. With Nuvodia’s MSSPs, you can enjoy:

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind. Let us manage, monitor, and focus on your security needs so you can focus on your business.

Up-to-date Technology

Up-to-Date Technology. Our trained experts only use current technologies and tools to maximize performance.

Custom Solutions

We specialize in creating tailor-made solutions that match your organization’s structure and unique needs.

24/7 Protection

Eliminate frustrations and damage control with 24/7 threat monitoring, protection, and reporting services.

Enduring Results

Our custom solutions are designed to ensure they have a lasting impact on your business security.

Authentic Connections

Through a long-term partnership, we focus on building genuine connections that focus on supporting your business.


How Does Our Managed Security Service Work?

Nuvodia’s managed security services extend your security operations for 24/7 support. This program brings a flexible approach to managing cyber security to keep your company ahead of the game.

Free Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment. Our security experts will review your security features and security grade to provide you with tailor-made recommendations on enhancing your cybersecurity protocols and defense mechanisms.

Environmental Review

Next, our team will present the results of your cybersecurity assessment. We’ll deep-dive into the advantages and disadvantages of your current environment and highlight potential unknown threats that could become troublesome in the future.

Custom Dashboard Design

Our system engineers will create a tailored solution based on your environment. All our solutions meet regulatory requirements for cybersecurity monitoring with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and other compliance mandates.

Project Kick-Off

Our project managers will set initial expectations, project timelines, and deliverables to kick-start the project. At this stage, we’ll also share resources and other steps to start the process, take ownership, and begin managing your cybersecurity protocols.

Ongoing Technical Support

After your new and secure environment is in place, we’ll manage the security and watch over the system for you. This includes manual daily reviews performed by our security analysts from our security operations center (SOC). You’ll also receive access to 24/7 team support.


Reviews & Testimonials

Great communication. The Nuvodia Team has been really helpful. They are so responsive and easy to get in touch with when issues ever arise!

Holly Ingram, Radiology Director - Charleston, West Virginia

Choosing Nuvodia was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. They’re fast, responsive and passionate about what they do. Nuvodia actually exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of service they provide. They’re wonderful to work with.

Candace Walsh, Chief Financial Officer - Othello, Washington

In 2004 we implemented a new Mysis VisionPM solution that required interfaces for orders, scheduling and billing charges. Among the many vendors involved, Nuvodia was unsurpassed, their HL7 integration expertise, flexibility and customer service focus drove the success of our integration effort.

David Holland, Director of Ancillary Services - Seattle, Washington

With Nuvodia, we get the whole package. The technology, the people, the industry knowledge, and the support.

Marc Simmons, Director of Diagnostic Imaging - Moses Lake, Washington

If we wanted to administer PACS internally, and have the ability to provide 24×7 support and the current technical knowledge to manage and maintain not only the software, but also the hardware and network, we would need an IT team of at least four to five people. For a small facility like ours, it is simply not feasible. The PACS support from Nuvodia has been fantastic. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give our experience with Nuvodia a 10.

Heather Myers, Director of Radiology Services - Atlanta, Georgia

Many businesses typically don’t have the number of people or breadth of expertise they need for their internal IT staff. Nuvodia is an excellent option. At Cascade Windows, my former employer, Nuvodia was able to provide scalable, affordable services – from hosted IT services to telephone systems – that we would not have been able to achieve in house. Every step along the way, they were very customer-service oriented and responsive, and they always delivered.

Lawrence Berry, Owner - Spokane, Washington

Nuvodia hosts the network for our electronic health records and practice management systems. They provide the best level of technical support and customer service in Spokane, giving our organization access to the expertise and infrastructure we could not afford to bring in house.

Melanie Sims, CEO - Spokane, Washington

Nathan was able to provide me the exact information I needed to relay to the modality vendor very quickly. He also went above and beyond when I did not receive good technical support from that vendor to try to help solve the issue himself. Great customer service!

Celia Hudson, Radiology Director - Manistique, Michigan

Nuvodia is always amazing. What an amazing company and your teamwork is on point! Thank you all very much.

Alexis Frazier, PACS Administrator - San Antonio, Texas

I cannot say thanks enough to the Nuvodia support team for all of the your help you have given. You guys have all been fantastic and very nice to work with. It’s been a complicated mess and your team has been great. Thank you for being patient!

Olive Stone, IT Director - Winfield, Kansas


How Does It Work?

What's included in a Radiology Information System (RIS)?

Our RIS Service provides best-in-class workflow management and robust features, including:

  • Instant, Web-Based Access
  • Streamlined Clinical, Diagnostic & Administrative Workflow
  • Seamless & Secure Management of Patient Data — Including Storage, Tracking & Sharing
  • Easy Deployment, Implementation, Training, Scalability & Usability

How much does it cost?

Our costs are based on your business and number imaging studies you process per year, so we only charge for what you are asking us to take care of. Our team would be happy to get you a specific quote to show costs for your business.

Do I sign a long-term contract?

Our agreements range from 1 to 5 years depending on the needs of your business.  However, our goal is to become a long term partner with our customers, not just another vendor. Our team wants to help you bring your vision to life through technology!

What's the process to get a quote?

Just fill out the form on our site, chat with one of our team members or give us a call. We will ask you a couple questions about your business needs and goals to generate a custom quote and agreement. We look forward to working together!


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