Enterprise Diagnostic Viewer

The eUnity Diagnostic Viewer, from Mach7 holds the top position in the market as a zero-footprint viewing and integration solution that is independent of vendors. Its primary function is to provide healthcare practitioners with swift and uninterrupted access to diagnostic images from various disparate or propriety systems. With a robust set of features, it caters to the image visualization requirements of both clinicians and radiologists, eliminating the necessity for dedicated workstations.

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eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing Features


eUnity Delivers Clinical and Technical Value


eUnity Enterprise Viewer

eUnity is specifically created for care providers, revolutionizing the process of accessing and viewing imaging. It is user-friendly, robust, and well-integrated, ensuring that clinicians across the enterprise can effortlessly access images and multimedia content, facilitating the development of precise and comprehensive care plans. With a zero-footprint diagnostic-quality clinical viewer, it is employed by referring physicians, clinicians, and general users, integrating data from any source. The platform completes the EMR with a full imaging history and is equipped with a toolset that supports clinical subspecialties.


eUnity Diagnostic Viewer

With eUnity, radiologists are empowered with newfound flexibility and freedom - the capability to read from anywhere, without any compromise in performance as their PACS viewing environment. Teleradiology support can be swiftly scaled up, allowing radiologists to work remotely or establish new commercial reading services. The platform comes with a zero-footprint diagnostic viewer and advanced reading features and toolsets, which healthcare providers utilize for diagnostic interpretation. It supports teleradiology and telehealth services, incorporating inherent clinical workflows to boost diagnostic confidence. Additionally, eUnity enables full mammography reading.

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Mach7's eUnity Viewer effectively addresses an organization's clinical image access requirements while simultaneously reducing technical complexity. The platform consolidates various viewing solutions, connects siloed data repositories, and enhances clinician satisfaction and efficiency. It provides a vendor-independent viewing platform, displaying a patient's complete imaging history, supporting diagnostic confidence. Furthermore, it offers robust interoperability to EMRs and external systems. The infrastructure and feature set of the eUnity Viewer mitigate immediate imaging-related challenges while providing a clear path forward as part of an enterprise imaging journey.

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eUnity is One Platform to Connect, View, and Diagnose

eUnity Enterprise Viewer Features

eUnity Diagnostic Viewer Features

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Enterprise Diagnostic Viewer

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