IT Staffing Services

IT Staffing Services

Nuvodia can provide the people, tools, and processes to meet your fluctuating information technology (IT) resource needs. Our flexible IT staffing services model allows you to tailor each staffing engagement in a way that best suits your business.

How can the Nuvodia team help address your IT staffing needs?

We source skilled and experienced IT professionals who fit your culture. This includes providing access to tools and methodologies to apply to the unique needs of your organization. Nuvodia actively manages our people, so you can focus on growing your business. We maintain an active line of communication with every client and offer a strategic point-of-view that goes beyond day-to-day account management.

Gain access to top IT talent

Whether you need a project manager to execute the delivery of a project, or are looking for an engineer to work onsite and support your long-term IT goals, Nuvodia can provide certified IT professionals with the skills and experience you need to meet your fluctuating resource demand.

Leverage our IT recruiting expertise

Add top IT talent to your team while avoiding the cost and productivity loss that comes from a position sitting unfilled. We utilize an extensive screening and evaluation process to maintain a pool of qualified IT professionals. This talent pool allows us to match skills and experience to your staffing needs in hours, instead of days, weeks or months.

Avoid the risk of a full-time hire

Deciding to add headcount can be a challenging task that can comes with uncertainty. Allow Nuvodia IT staffing services to help increase capacity or fill gaps within your information technology team while mitigating the factors that come with hiring. Utilize our flexible engagement options to navigate the cyclical times of your business.

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Why choose Nuvodia to optimize your IT staffing needs?

  • Dedicated expertise of certified technology professionals
  • Flexible engagement models differentiate Nuvodia IT staffing services from those of standalone IT staffing agencies
  • Executive account management with domain expertise
  • Performance management and coaching
  • Competitive time and material rate or flat monthly fee
  • Quality assurance through the life of engagement

How Nuvodia IT Staffing Services Work?


Nuvodia will meet with you to understand your business and staffing needs, and share more about the engagement models and resources that are available for you to leverage


We will use our own resource pool, recruiting, screening and evaluation process to supply the best candidate that meets your requirements


After a candidate is selected, a contract for services will be executed and a plan developed for kicking-off the engagement, ongoing communication and delivery management


Nuvodia will work with you define and execute an onboarding plan for the selected candidate and manage toward its completion through regular communication and check-ins


Our people are managed by certified IT professionals with deep experience. We invest in their professional development, provide regular coaching and performance management to ensure high quality of service through the life of your engagement

What you can expect?

  • Authentic Connections We seek to build long-term partnerships built on authentic relationships
  • Tailored Solutions We really get to know and understand your business, so we can provide the best, custom, IT staffing services
  • Ownership Mentality We make others' issues OUR issues. We take personal and full responsibility for making sure the job gets done
  • Continuous Growth We are naturally curious and are always striving to learn, grow, and further develop ourselves and others
  • Enduring Results We are committed to making sure our solutions have lasting impact