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Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

How secure is your IT security?

Nuvodia’s security risk assessment determines if you’re as protected as you should be.

In today’s vast world of cyber threats, IT security is a constant worry for most organizations. Nuvodia’s experienced security experts assess your current IT security systems and policies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for building a stronger line of defense.

  • How easy is it to get in?
    • Our IT experts attempt to hack into your infrastructure. This penetration test reveals holes in your security and provides insight to improve.
  • Are you configuring systems properly?
    • We conduct a thorough configuration audit of your IT infrastructure to check if operating systems, databases, network devices and other IT tools are compliant with current standards and privacy requirements.
  • Is your security policy effective?
    • We review your organization’s IT security documentation and offer recommendations to update and improve policies, procedures and disaster plans.
  • Are you using best practices?
    • We evaluate your current systems against cyber security best practices and provide recommendations based on proven strategies and the latest security technologies.

Simplify your IT Environment with the help of our expert team. With Nuvodia managed security services, you get the expertise to care for all your technical needs, you will feel confident your business is safe.

Contact the Security Risk Assessment Team at Nuvodia for your Security Risk Analysis.

Nuvodia’s custom security services give you the flexibility you need.

With elevated levels of hacking and malware present today, complex security technologies and regulatory mandates, it’s more necessary than ever to adopt a comprehensive security infrastructure to maximize enterprise security. At Nuvodia, we understand that the IT security need of every organization is unique. It may require a custom-tailored solution to ensure maximum coverage. Our IT security team takes the time to understand your current infrastructure, so that an appropriate custom security service package can be developed and implemented. We understand that when it comes to network security services, one size doesn’t fit all. At Nuvodia, we take the time to understand your specific technical landscape. This approach ensures a tailored security solution that closely fits your unique IT security needs.

From managed security services, to IT security consulting and security risk assessments, for over a decade the Nuvodia team has been providing IT security services for businesses and organizations in Spokane, the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Nuvodia has developed an entire suite of custom security services and solutions that align with your current needs, timeline, and budget.

Some of the individual security components that Nuvodia offers include:

  • Device Security

    A layer of protection keeps your mobile devices safe and your organization compliant.

  • Email Security

    Safeguard your email systems from viruses, malware, spam, phishing and other security threats. Some of the most destructive malware and virus outbreaks originate with a simple email. Email security solutions detect and prevent email-based cyber attacks so that only messages from trusted sources enter your employees’ inboxes.

    Continually screen inbound and outbound emails for questionable attachments and links that could contain harmful viruses, malware and ransomware. Our dynamic monitoring and advanced analytical systems use forensic intelligence to detect sophisticated malware and viruses. This helps prevent even the newest threats from infiltrating your system.

    Reputation-based filters serve as the first line of defense for your email infrastructure. Identify and block incoming emails from known spammers and use English language analytics to detect emails with typical scam content.

  • Perimeter Security

    Build perimeter security around your network to keep danger out, your valuable data in and your mind at ease.

    As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, so should your network security. Nuvodia’s IT security experts provide a barrier of protection around your network to shield your organization from a potentially disastrous intrusion on your sensitive data.

    Build a customized firewall at the edge of your network to monitor inbound and outbound traffic. If something looks suspicious, our technology will flag the potential threat, block any malicious activity, and signal network administers of the problem in real time.

    Cyber attackers are constantly changing their approach, hoping to catch you off guard. Our solution features integrated intrusion protection and intrusion detection systems (IPS/IDS) that update automatically. This ensures your network is proactively protected from even the latest, most devious threats.

    Geospatial services pinpoint risky network traffic to certain countries and help combat cyber threats from outside U.S. borders.

    Data loss prevention (DLP) strategies prevent insiders from leaking confidential and critical information to people outside your organization. Protect your sensitive data, such as client or patient records and credit card information. Keep it from being shared via email, the web or other form of electronic communication.

  • Security Forensics

    Analyze aggregate data from all devices to find correlating events and respond swiftly to threats.

    Gather pieces of security data from all devices and weave it together to identify unusual patterns across the organization. With this big-picture view, our experts are able to mitigate sophisticated threats that might otherwise go undetected.

    Monitor, collect, track and analyze detailed logs of computer activity across the organization. These detailed records provide important intelligence for detecting and thwarting attacks. Using this aggregate data, our experts analyze how separate security events correlate and together point to larger security threats.

  • Social Engineering Engagements

    Avoid the scam. Social engineering—also known as phishing, baiting and pretexting—is a tactic used by hackers to obtain access to secure information by posing as someone they are not. For example, a hacker could forge an email from your organization, asking employees to reset their password using a fake link. If just one employee falls for the scam, the hacker could have just enough information. Now they could steal sensitive data and compromise your network.

    Would your employees spot the trap? Posing as hackers, our team at Nuvodia sends mock phishing emails to your staff to test their response to social engineering attempts. We evaluate the level of employee awareness and provide training programs. This helps teach employees how to recognize and avoid future threats.

  • Web Security

    Secure web activity to minimize risks and prevent your organization from damaging situations.

    With just a few unknowing clicks on the web, your systems and data could be infected with a harmful virus, compromised by malware—or worse—taken hostage by ransomware. The costs can be devastating to your organization’s bottom line and reputation. Nuvodia’s powerful web security solutions spot unusual external and internal web activity. We help defend your organization from falling victim to a virus, malware, or ransomware.

    Virus, malware and ransomware attacks are growing in numbers and complexity. We work to stay ahead of the changing threats. Our advanced monitoring systems use forensic intelligence to dynamically detect sophisticated malware and viruses, and we test and analyze new threats in safe, sandbox environments to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before the dangers reach your infrastructure.

    Is employee web usage putting your organization at risk? Our content and web filtering solutions help ensure safe browsing and prevent your employees from accessing harmful content. Customize your filters to your organization’s internet-use policy to block illegal web pages and prevent social networking and online shopping.