Security Risk Assessment

How secure is your IT security?

Nuvodia’s security risk assessment determines if you’re as protected as you should be.

In today’s vast world of cyber threats, IT security is a constant worry for most organizations. Nuvodia’s experienced security experts assess your current IT security systems and policies to identify potential vulnerabilities and opportunities for building a stronger line of defense.

  • How easy is it to get in?
    • Our IT experts attempt to hack into your infrastructure. This penetration test reveals holes in your security and provides insight to improve.
  • Are you configuring systems properly?
    • We conduct a thorough configuration audit of your IT infrastructure to check if operating systems, databases, network devices and other IT tools are compliant with current standards and privacy requirements.
  • Is your security policy effective?
    • We review your organization’s IT security documentation and offer recommendations to update and improve policies, procedures and disaster plans.
  • Are you using best practices?
    • We evaluate your current systems against cyber security best practices and provide recommendations based on proven strategies and the latest security technologies.

Simplify your IT Environment with the help of our expert team. With Nuvodia managed security services, you get the expertise to care for all your technical needs, you will feel confident your business is safe.

Contact the Security Risk Assessment Team at Nuvodia for your Security Risk Analysis.

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