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Security Risk Assessment

IT Security Risk Assessment Services in Seattle & Spokane

There are more hazards on the internet than on even the worst highways in the nation. Only these dangers do not happen by accident ― there are bad actors out there looking to inflict havoc on your IT system, possibly for money, but more likely just because they can.

But we can help. And that begins with a thorough, comprehensive Risk Assessment of your system. We can analyze your IT infrastructure and determine how vulnerable you really are to an attack. Then, we can help you make your defenses stronger.

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Protect your IT system from such attacks as:

  • Hacking
  • Phishing and Spear-Phishing
  • Impersonation Attacks
  • Internal Email Threats
  • Ransomware

Unauthorized Access

The most direct way of determining if you have holes in your security is to try to break in. Nuvodia’s team of seasoned IT experts will run a network detection scan to see if your defenses can be bypassed or if we detect any vulnerabilities. If we find a gap, then something needs to be done right away to remediate the issue.

How Is Your System Configured?

The Nuvodia team will closely scrutinize the way you have your system configured. Your components need to be in compliance with current recommendations for privacy and security. We’ll analyze, make recommendations and implement any changes you require.

Is Your Security Policy Doing The Right Job for You?

The security documentation that accompanied your system is vital to keeping your infrastructure hardened against invasion. We can assess your documentation and recommend updates, procedures and even a disaster recovery plan so that you are ready for whatever may come your way.

Is Your Team Up-To-Date with the Best Practices?

When using, maintaining and updating your system, there are definitely “good, better, and best” ways of going about it. We’ll assess what your team is currently doing and keep you current with the latest industry best practices.

It's Not Complicated

It may all sound complex, but the truth is, it’s best to simplify everything about your IT Environment. That’s where our team comes in. Contact Nuvodia managed security services, and all of our expertise will come to the aid of your IT system and the people who use it. Confidence and peace of mind are what we can give you.


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