Web Security

Stop the threat before it’s too late

At Nuvodia, we secure web activity to minimize risks and prevent your organization from damaging situations.

With just a few unknowing clicks on the web, your systems and data could be infected with a harmful virus, compromised by malware—or worse—taken hostage by ransomware. The costs can be devastating to your organization’s bottom line and reputation. Nuvodia’s powerful web security solutions spot unusual external and internal web activity. We help defend your organization from falling victim to a virus, malware, or ransomware.

Outsmart the threats

Virus, malware and ransomware attacks are growing in numbers and complexity. We work to stay ahead of the changing threats. Our advanced monitoring systems use forensic intelligence to dynamically detect sophisticated malware and viruses, and we test and analyze new threats in safe “sandbox” environments to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before the dangers reach your infrastructure.

Manage internal web activity

Is employee web usage putting your organization at risk? Our content and web filtering solutions help ensure safe browsing and prevent your employees from accessing harmful content. Customize your filters to your organization’s internet-use policy to block illegal web pages and prevent social networking and online shopping.

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