3 Ways to Keep Data Safe in a Bring Your Own Device Company

Today is National Dapper Your Data Day. Dapper Your Data Day raises awareness of commonly overlooked data security issues. As more businesses switch to a permanent hybrid work environment, employees are embracing a BYOD (bring your own device) work culture. Within this context, there is a growing need for employee education on how to safely manage secure company data on personal devices. Read more on how to keep company data safe 

3 Ways to Keep Company Data Safe With BYOD 


1. Create Employee Awareness 

Educating employees on best-practices for data security is the first line of defense against cyberattacks. With 95% of data breaches being caused by human error, training employees on how to identify common cybersecurity threats, such as phishing, is a simple way to mitigate the risk of a data breach. When onboarding employees be sure to outline company policies regarding password standards, email encryption, and sharing personal information online. Regularly train employees on data security best practices to ensure that your company’s first line of defense is as strong as possible.   

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)  

Two-factor authentication helps ensure that no unauthorized users gain access to company data on a personal device. 2FA provides a second line of defense against hackers or against an insecure password. 2FA requires employees to input both a password and a confirmation code before accessing data. If interested in implementing 2FA, check out DUO Mobile. 

3. Consider Partnering With a Managed Security Service Provider

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) takes care of all your company’s tech security needs. If your company is looking to boost its data security without incurring the in-house costs of a professional IT team, an MSSP is an ideal solution. When partnering with an MSSP, your company has access to a full staff of IT specialists ready to monitor and protect your company’s data. With an MSSP, all your company-used-tech will be kept up to date on the newest security features so that you can be sure your data is safe.  

What’s Next?  

If you are concerned about your company’s data security, Nuvodia is here to help. As a premier Managed Security Service Provider specializing in small-to-medium businesses, we understand the importance of protecting your company’s data. Click here to reach out for a quote today. 

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