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Mach7 Technologies and Nuvodia Partner to Deliver Industry Differentiated Healthcare Informatics Solutions

Mach7 Technologies and Nuvodia Partner to Deliver Industry Differentiated Healthcare Informatics Solutions

Nov 1, 2022 | Press Releases

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. — November 1, 2022 / PRNewswire – Mach7 Technologies, a company specializing in innovative medical imaging and data management solutions for healthcare providers, today announced a partnership with Nuvodia, a technology services organization that creates, manages, secures and supports mission-critical IT environments.

Nuvodia, based out of Spokane, Washington, is a prestigious national IT and Radiology managed service provider, with many years of experience providing enterprise-class technology solutions to Independent Radiology Practices, Outpatient Imaging Centers, and Community Hospitals.

Under this agreement, Mach7’s innovative Enterprise Imaging Solution is offered by Nuvodia to expand their products and services. This will enable Nuvodia to better serve providers, enhance patient satisfaction and support healthy outcomes for patients while creating a better overall experience for their customers.

Nuvodia selected Mach7 Technologies as a partner due to several distinguishing value factors including:

  1. The ability to deploy a truly vendor agnostic platform
  2. A platform that facilitates capturing, storing, and publishing of medical imaging data
  3. A platform that will drive distributed use of third parties such as AI algorithms, EMR and Patient Portal image enablement, cloud connectivity, workflow orchestration and interoperability with advanced applications such as business intelligence and analytics
  4. This platform will allow for an IT friendly zero footprint diagnostic viewer that can be used either inside or outside the walls of the healthcare facility to provide primary or secondary diagnostic reading.

Sean Harrell, CEO of Nuvodia, said, “The Mach7 team has developed a fantastic product suite that has become one of the leading imaging solutions on the market. Mach7’s Vendor Neutral Archive, powerful eUnity Diagnostic Viewer and Workflow Applications provide an innovative technology platform that is unique in its performance, interoperability, flexibility, and scalability that is purposely built for the future of healthcare. We are excited to work with their team to deliver quality solutions to our customers.”

This new relationship allows Nuvodia to implement Mach7 Technologies’ imaging solutions across the United States while bringing their more than twenty-five years of experience in radiology informatics to the table.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, “As innovative IT solution companies with many years of technological and clinical expertise, Mach7 and Nuvodia have a shared interest and history that match perfectly to create valuable offerings to better serve healthcare organizations across the spectrum.”

With this announcement, Mach7 and Nuvodia will promote the value to healthcare organizations of implementing an independent enterprise-wide solution that empowers clinicians while reducing costs and leveraging existing IT investments. Once deployed, the Mach7-Nuvodia platform will provide a comprehensive universal visualization and workflow experience combined with a powerful data management platform to tie all imaging data together with complete control and flexibility.

About Mach7 Technologies:

Mach7 Technologies (ASX:M7T), founded in 2007, is a medical imaging systems provider that develops innovative image management and viewing solutions for healthcare organizations. The core of these offerings is the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution, encompassing Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing and Departmental Workflow applications. Mach7’s Enterprise Data Management solution, consisting of a powerful Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and data administration tools, allows for the fast storage, access, retrieval and viewing of images across a healthcare network with connectivity to the Cloud. In July 2020, Mach7 acquired Client Outlook and the eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing technology to augment Mach7’s Enterprise Data Management and Departmental Workflow applications. eUnity is a zero-footprint, FDA-approved, image viewing solution that makes images accessible on any workstation. This offers healthcare professionals consolidated access to all patient images and data, ensuring clinical staff have timely access to the right information to diagnose and treat patients. Uniquely, the company also gives customers independence to deploy its solutions either on a component basis or in a unified comprehensive platform. With more than 150 customers across fifteen different countries, Mach7 has built a global network of diverse customers that range from expansive Integrated Delivery Networks, National Health Systems, medical research facilities, and large academic medical institutions to regional community hospitals, private radiology practices, and independent provider groups. Visit Mach7t.com.

About Nuvodia:

Nuvodia is a technology services organization that creates, manages, secures, and supports mission-critical IT environments. Nuvodia provides IT Solutions to more than one hundred organizations across the U.S. in healthcare, business, utilities, education, and many other sectors. Nuvodia specializes in service to community hospitals, outpatient imaging centers and reading groups helping them to streamline their use of technology to provide excellent care to their patients and achieve their business goals. Our team has over 25 years’ experience developing, implementing, and supporting workflow solutions in the radiology industry. To learn more Visit Nuvodia.com.

Bob Tranchida
VP of Marketing, Mach7 Technologies