National IT Professionals Day: Meet Nuvodia’s IT Specialists

IT Professionals

Happy National IT Professionals Day! As a premier Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Nuvodia is proud of all of our exceptional IT specialists. To celebrate National IT Professionals Day, we are highlighting two of our exceptional IT Professionals. We asked two of our IT specialists a few questions to learn more about them and working in IT.

Get to know two of our exceptional team members, Brian Heagy and Aaron Catucci.

Brian Heagy

Why did Brian H. Choose a Career in IT?

Brian H. chose a career in IT because he loves the fast-paced and ever-changing working environment that keeps him constantly learning. Brian says, “Every day is a new challenge and a new puzzle to solve. In my day-to-day, there are enough routine tasks to keep me grounded and enough new challenges that I am constantly reaching for new knowledge and skills to keep up with our ever-changing environment. Being in an environment that fosters learning new skills, working on daily tasks, and pivoting to new projects largely at my own discretion makes for a great balance of freedom and structure. I strove for this career because of this, and I love being at Nuvodia–it makes every day a good day.”

What is Brian H’s Favorite Thing About Nuvodia?

When asked what his favorite thing about working at Nuvodia is, Brian quickly responded, “The people,” He continued to explain, “My coworkers are the best. Everyone treats each other with respect. Even when we disagree, we do so with consideration and use effective communication. Our team is full of laughter and appreciation. Everyone tries their best to work together and help each other out when life gets in the way. What makes Nuvodia different from other companies is the encouragement to have this open communication and team mentality with everyone, including upper management. I have built lifelong friendships here and see the difference that this team mentality makes when it’s supported at all levels of the organization.”

Brian H’s Security Tip of the Day:

“Use a password manager. This allows you to set stronger passwords without having to remember them all. Password managers store your passwords securely and are easy to use.”

Aaron Catucci

Why did Aaron Choose a Career in IT?

When reflecting on his choice to be an IT specialist, Aaron said, “I chose a career in IT as it is a growing field and there is always demand for people who are tech literate.” Aaron feels that in his role he can always support and help people on their technology journey while staying up-to-date on current trends in technology.

What is Aaron’s Favorite Thing About Nuvodia?

“My favorite part about Nuvodia is the variety of clients we support,” Aaron said, “everything from vet clinics to wineries and even pizzerias!” Working in Nuvodia gives me the constant excitement of new projects and people to work with. This fast-paced environment is what makes Nuvodia lucky to have IT professionals, such as Aaron, who are flexible and adaptable.

Aaron’s Security Tip of the Day

“Be careful what you click! Malware can be squeezed into almost anything you interact with on a PC nowadays.”

What’s Next?

When working with Nuvodia, rest assured knowing that you are working with the best. If you are interested in reaching out for a quote for your business, click here.

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