Why Cloud Backup is so Important

Why Cloud Backup is so Important

Why Cloud Backup Is So Important

Cloud backup is important because it allows you to save and copy data and critical information in the slight chance there is an IT crisis. Just like your iPhone needs a cloud backup, so do imaging systems, and that is where Nuvodia can help! If you’re searching for a cloud backup service provider in the Seattle or Spokane area, Nuvodia is here to help!

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a way to save reports, data, and imaging on another platform to make sure you always have a backup foundation to prevent losing it forever in the event of an IT crisis. Cloud backup also helps imaging informatics remain safe and available at all times.

Types of cloud backup solutions

There are various different types of cloud backup solutions to keep all of your information safe. If you’re a healthcare provider in the Seattle or Spokane area, Nuvodia offers the following cloud backup solutions:

Public Cloud Backup

This way copies data directly to cloud infrastructure providers. Infrastructure providers can include Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Because these cloud providers are public, it can come at a lower cost with a greater risk.

On-Premise, Internal Cloud Backup

This option is costlier but it is private cloud backup behind your own firewall, meaning you have complete control over internal data. Companies using this option still have to pay for hosting, servers, infrastructure and security.

Disk-to-Disk-to-Cloud Backup or Hybrid

This type of backup means that some information will be stored on-premise, some information will be stored on the cloud, and some information may be stored both ways. The different approach to a backup in this instance is appealing, however, it calls for greater risks.

With your information stored in various places, there can be heightened risks for data breaching. All of your on-premise applications must have enough data capacity. Local backups can lead to missing data. It must be managed well.

Hosted, Private Cloud

A hosted, third-party private cloud backup is the more budget-friendly version of the on premise internal cloud backup.Companies using this option get a private cloud and do not have to pay for hosting, servers, infrastructure and security.

Hosted, private clouds allow for data encryption, automated backups, regular management testing, and eliminates costs with a monthly subscription.

How Nuvodia can help

Nuvodia acts as a SaaS (Software as a Service) for your Seattle or Spokane business. Nuvodia uses Cloud Computing with “pay-as-you-go” pricing allowing you access to technology services, like computing, power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis.

Our Cloud IT benefits include agility that gets the technology up and running in a matter of minutes and flexibility for access. It is also cost effective and redundancy to enterprise storage and can compute clusters.

With Nuvodia, you can:

  • Nightly remote automatic IP-based backup at state-of-the-art cloud backup data center
  • Restore and retain deleted files for 90 days
  • Encrypt data prior to leaving device
  • Receive quick and efficient backup of revised data only
  • Retain three versions of active files
  • Restore older versions of a file even if changes are made
  • Point-in-time storage (i.e., month ends, year ends, etc.)

How to move to a cloud backup solution

To move to a cloud backup solution, you must have a cloud migration strategy. First, you want to assess your applications and workloads to see if you’ll be making any changes, keeping it as it, or creating a new workload. This is the part where the health care company will need to prioritize and organize which applications are ready to be moved and which are not.

Next, you will develop a business case that will help you make the shift of capital expenditures to operational expenses, cost savings, faster speed of deployment, elasticity, etc.

Then, you develop a technical approach to see what kind of software you have and which ones you will use. Ex. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or SaaS (Software as a Service).

Fourth, you want to adopt a flexible integration model and address the requirements needed. These requirements can include compliance, security, and privacy.

Finally, you want to manage the application cloud migration process. This is the why, what, and how plan that Nuvodia can step in to help you execute.

Nuvodia believes that ​​hybrid cloud computing is a best of all possible worlds platform, delivering all the benefits of cloud computing—flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies—with the lowest possible risk of data exposure.

Overall, cloud backup systems are extremely necessary to have, especially if you are in the healthcare industry. Think about all of the reporting, imaging, data, and billing you go through with one patient. Losing this kind of information can be detrimental to your company and the patient. With cloud backup, you have assurance to not lose any diagnosis, imaging, treatment plans, billing information, and much more because it is backed up!

If you would like cloud backup software and need the right kind of help to do it, get a FREE quote or contact us today.

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