A Guide to IT Project Management

A Guide to IT Project Management

A Guide to IT Project Management

Information Technology can be tricky if it is not organized, and Nuvodia is working hard to keep all of your IT projects managed. IT project management is used to maintain success, build a partnership, and commit to your business. Our approach is interactive and we do our best to communicate our expertise to help you navigate your projects the best way possible.

Today’s world is centered around technology. From applications to websites and data management, it is important to map out each project for business quality and success.

What is an IT Project?

An IT project is an assignment to be completed for information technology that includes the designing, implementing, and planning of a project. For example, implementing an electronic signature or getting a payroll system is an IT project. It’s a means to an end to enhance your business by leveraging technology..

What is IT project management and what does the IT project manager do?

IT project management is an organization’s supervision of all their IT projects and how they will successfully be completed. It’s utilizing proven strategies to successfully manage t your projects from start to finish.

An IT project manager plans, troubleshoots, performs, leads, budgets, and maintains the tasks at hand. They ensure the resources, people and processes are ready to install hardware and software in the planned timeline and budget. They work with other IT professionals and the rest of the business to communicate the status of their assigned projects.

Benefits of hiring an IT project manager

Hiring an IT project manager is beneficial because it is an extra set of eyes that plans, assigns, and executes projects that carry out a larger function for a successful business. With this oversight you can avoid risks, conflicts, and mistakes.

An IT project manager helps administer tasks with a focused vision. They assign project tasks in a way that saves time and costs. They lead by problem solving. The best part about hiring an project manager is that you, as a business professional, don’t need to be an IT expert to keep projects on track and you can stay focused on your primary responsibilities.

Project managers create a space for organized work, planned outcomes that follow through, and even tools provided for a smooth process. They keep the communication open ended and are a helping hand to professionals without compromising work due to split focus.

Nuvodia’s IT project management is used for a variety of needs:

IT and enterprise application implementations

Nuvodia’s team works with your company to implement an application that works for the company and not for the individual.

Agile software delivery and management

Nuvodia breaks up the software delivery with the 6 phases of IT project management to teach the company our expertise with their new software.

Project Management Office (PMO) assessments and consulting

Our team can consult with your company and come up with the best strategies for your IT software in order to achieve the highest success for your company.

Request for Proposal (RFP) process coordination

We consult with your company to coordinate the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. This process starts with establishing project deadlines, budget, and requirements and ends with a negotiated signed contract.

Business process improvements and initiatives

Nuvodia helps evaluate what aspects of your business and/or your technology processes can be improved, organized, and enhance your end customer’s satisfaction.

Project based or staff augmentation engagements

We can provide resources that are dedicated to your team and assist you on a long term project, while you still have complete control over the process.

Nuvodia’s team of consultants do what they can to tailor to your company’s IT project needs. Our mission is focused on organizational and managed services. We strive to improve performance and quality through IT project management.

Nuvodia is here for you and your staff to help bring your vision to life through the power of technology. Contact us today or get a FREE quote to find out how we can further assist your IT Project Management needs.

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