Hiring The Right IT Professionals


Hiring The Right IT Professionals

Hiring The Right IT Professionals

Hiring The Right IT Professionals

Hiring The Right IT Professionals

February 28, 2020

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Checking for proof of education and skills is the first thing any small business or enterprise should look for when hiring smart information technology (IT) professionals. Nuvodia IT staff currently hold hundreds of IT certifications to support businesses of all sizes and to help them thrive. Just a few of those IT certifications include:

  • Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  • Amazon Web Services – AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

Having the proper certifications ensures IT professionals understand the intricacies your specific technologies. Because businesses typically use more than one technology or platform, it is vital to choose an IT partner, such as Nuvodia, that has staff with varying certifications to offer a wider range of support.

Communication Is Key For IT Professionals

Even a general IT skill set might suffice, especially for smaller businesses looking for general IT support. But what happens when communication skills are lacking? Nuvodia places communications and soft skills as a high priority when hiring smart IT people. As a result, our employees know their technical stuff, and how to communicate well with our clients.

The most important part of communication is the listening aspect. Listening is a specific soft skill for effective communication. Nuvodia’s IT professionals do not talk down to or over clients, and they are exceptional at listening.

The smartest IT professionals know their jobs and how to give clients the highest return on investment (ROI) for their needs. When searching for the ‘right’ IT professional or provider, you should consider:

  • Problem Solving

    IT professionals must know how to solve a variety of issues, because technology troubleshooting can range from a simple to a complex process.

  • Adaptability

    Smart IT professionals have to know how to adapt to different business’ needs. We might work with a construction company one day and a healthcare clinic the next. Each has different IT needs; what works for one of them, might not work for you.

  • Time Management

    Nuvodia know IT budgets are tight and time is money. Hiring smart IT people means you get the best possible service from people who know how to manage their time effectively. Plus, because they know their hard skills so well, there is little time lost trying to figure out how to do the job.

  • Organization

    Every IT professional has to be organized in order to be both effective and efficient.

  • Oral Communication

    It is impossible to meet your needs and goals fully, without clear communication between you and our IT service provider. Plus, an IT provider needs to stay in contact with your business, so you always know what is going on and why.

Bridge the IT Skills Gap Effectively

The best way to create a thriving business environment is to ensure employees have the right technology at their fingertips. Sadly, a major IT skills gap exists. While demand is increasing, people with the right skills are few and far between. For smaller businesses, it is often hard to compete with larger businesses to hire this level of IT talent. That is why small businesses rely on Nuvodia to hire the right people. Of course, larger businesses need extra support with specialty projects, Nuvodia can help them, too.

Nuvodia has assembled a team filled with intelligent, skilled IT creators and innovators, who work tirelessly to ensure our clients feel more productive and supported with all their technology needs. Call us today at 1-855-568-8634 to discover how Nuvodia can contribute to your business’ success.


By Josh Andrade (Nuvodia, Marketing Specialist)

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